Jamaican Cooking Recipe Tips
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Jamaican Cooking Tips Part One

101 Jamaican recipes and Jamaican cooking tips

Cooking the Jamaican way is easily ascertainable once every cook, chef or homemaker follows instructions on how to use authentic Jamaican spices and foods. There are different methods that are used by different cooks and chefs across the island. This can be seen based on the fact that in every parish there are different methods of preparing some Jamaican recipes. Especially in the cities of Kingston and Montego Bay there are several methods used to prepare great Jamaican recipes such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Curried Mutton and Jamaican Stewed Beef. In small towns such as that of Port Royal the home of the famed Jamaican pirate of the 17th century Henry Morgan Jamaican Jerk Fish Recipes and almost every Jamaican shellfish recipe is prepared in a different manner than anywhere else in the country. This is due to differences in spices and herbs used preparation methods and cooking times. However when cooking the Jamaican way there are several constants when preparing Jamaican foods. Get Jamaica.Com has put together 101 cooking tips and hints on how to prepare Jamaican recipes the correct way.

Cooking egg recipes the Jamaican way.

Jamaican eggs in the shell should not be cooked in boiling water. When Jamaican eggs are hard-cooked in boiling water they tend to become tough and leathery, while soft-cooked Jamaican eggs are unevenly cooked. These are tips on how to cook Jamaican eggs in the shell as a Jamaican recipe. As Jamaican eggs used in Jamaican recipes are toughened by extreme heat they should be cooked at a relatively low temperature. Place all Jamaican egg dishes in a pan of water when baking to prevent over-heating of the egg mixture. Jamaican Egg sauce recipes should be cooked over hot boiling water.

Tip 1 Place Jamaican eggs in saucepan, cover with cold water and heat slowly to boiling. For soft cooked Jamaican eggs remove when water starts to boil, while for hard-cooked Jamaican eggs reduce the heat and simmer for 5 to 8 minutes.

Tip 2 Heat to an extreme boil enough water to cover the Jamaican eggs by at least 1 inch deep. Lower the Jamaican eggs in the water and then remove the pan from off the heat. For soft-cooked Jamaican eggs allow the Jamaican eggs to remain in the water for 12 15 minutes and for hard cooked Jamaican eggs allow the Jamaican eggs to remain in the water for 22 25 minutes.

Tip 3 Pour hot water into both parts of a double boiler. When water in the lower part boils place Jamaican eggs in top. When cooked in this method the temperature cannot reach the boiling point and Jamaican eggs are cooked evenly. For the Jamaican recipe for soft cooked Jamaican eggs cook in this fashion for 12 15 minutes and for the Jamaican recipe for hard cooked Jamaican eggs cook 25 30 minutes.

Tip 4 To hard-cook egg yolks drop into simmering water and keep below boiling until firm

Tip 5 To divide an egg beat the egg slightly and measure with a tablespoon.

Tip 6 To hold Jamaican eggs together while poaching add a few drops and vinegar or lemon juice to the cooking water.

Tip 7 To cut hard-cooking Jamaican eggs without breaking the yolk dip the knife into water.

Tip 8 To prevent meringue on Jamaican pie recipes from shrinking spread meringue on filling so that it torches the sides of pastry all around the edge. Bake 10 to 15 minutes in an oven.

Tip 9 To glaze top of rolls pastry, brush before baking with slightly beaten egg white and 1 tablespoon milk or water, use whole egg for yellow glaze.

How to handle Jamaican butter, shortening and fat recipes. Using these the Jamaican way are not too far from conventional ways used in other cuisine and cooking practices.

Tip 10 To cut butter cleanly cover the blade with waxed paper or heat in hot water.

Tip 11 To measure less than 1 cup shortening pour cold water (the amount being the difference between the amount of shortening called for in recipe and 1 cup) for in a Jamaican recipe into measuring cup and add shortening until water reaches the top of cup. For example, if cup shortening is desired, pour cup cold water into cup, add shortening until water reaches top and pour off water before using shortening.

Tip 12 To clarify fat strain slightly cooled fat through several thickness of cheesecloth to remove foreign materials. Put slices of raw potato in cooled fat; heat slowly until slices are well browned. Strain again and store in covered container in a cool place.

Tip 13 To make Jamaican butter balls recipe scaled a pair of wooden butter paddles and place in ice water about 1 hour. Measure butter by tablespoons to make balls uniform in size. Have butter firm but not hard and roll lightly between paddles with circular motion to form balls. Drop onto a chilled plate onto cracked ice or ice water.

Tip 14 To make Jamaican rolls recipe proceed as with the Jamaican butter balls recipe however flatten balls into a cylindrical shape and chill.

Tip 15 To make Jamaican curls recipe, have butter firm but not hard. Dip butter curler into hot water each time. Begin at far end of pound print of butter, draw curler lightly and quickly toward you to make a thin shaving which curls up, and then chill.

Tip 16 To make a Jamaican mold recipe scald butter molds, then place in ice water for 1 hour. Pack solidly with butter and level off top surface. Press out butter and chill.

Tips on Jamaican fish and Jamaican meat recipes

Tips 17 To make a Jamaican fish recipe firm and the Jamaican meat white add a small amount of lemon juice to the recipe while the fish is boiling down.

Tip 18 To prevent the Jamaican fish recipe from having an unpleasant odor while cooking, cover the fish with browned butter or lemon juice.

Tip 19 To prevent Jamaican fish recipes such as the Jamaican Steamed Fish Recipe tie the fish with cheesecloth and lower all into the boiling water.

Tip 20 To flour or place powdered seasonings Jamaican meat and Jamaican poultry for any Jamaican recipe that requires this use a bag and place the seasoning in it and cut the Jamaican meat or Jamaican poultry into serving pieces place the Jamaican meat in the bag and shake well. Remove and brush lightly to remove excess then prepare to recipe specifications.

Tip 21 To keep bacon from curling when preparing Jamaican bacon recipes, cut the ends of the bacon before preparing or broil the bacon between racks.

Tip 22 To keep bones on crown roasts from burning when preparing Jamaican meat recipes place the Jamaican meat in the saucepan with the Jamaican meat down or spear end the ends of the bones with Jamaican meat fat.

Tip 23 When preparing Jamaican meat recipes that the Jamaican meat has been cut into small pieces you can make a great recipe called a Jama-kebab Recipe which is curried mutton, fried chicken bits and stewed beef on skewers along with vegetables.

Tip 24 When preparing Jamaican fish recipes that require baking fish such as Snapper Fish, weighing from 2-4 pounds may be baked or roasted on heavy paper or foil, the Jamaican Port Royal Roasted Fish Recipe is an example of this where the fish is placed in foil paper and roasted in a Jamaican Jerk Grill Pan. The recipe should be baked at 20-25 minutes per pound.

Tip 25 Roasting for Jamaican meat recipes most Jamaican cooks and chefs prefer to use a constant low temperature which will give better results than the older methods used. By roasting the Jamaican meat you preserve the natural flavor and juices in the Jamaican meat and prevent excessive shrinkage of the Jamaican meat. By placing the Jamaican meat on a wire rack in a shallow pan large enough to hold the Jamaican meat and place a wire rack in bottom to hold the Jamaican met up out of the sauce or juices to allow the heat to penetrate evenly throughout the Jamaican meat.

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