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Cable And Wireless Jamaica

About Cable and Wireless Jamaica

Following a name change on February 5, 1998 Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited replaced Telecommunications of Jamaica Limited as the sole provider of Jamaica's domestic and international telephone services. Telecommunications of Jamaica was incorporated in May 1987 as the holding company for the Jamaica Telephone Company and Jamaica International Telecommunications Limited. Cable & Wireless Jamaica is the island's leading provider of national and international fixed line services. Cable & Wireless Jamaica remains Jamaica’s only full service provider, guaranteeing business and residential customers reliable, tailored solutions in mobile and fixed voice, data, IP (Internet Protocol) and broadband services, as well as services to other Jamaican telecoms providers. The company is owned 82% by Cable & Wireless plc with the other18% being owned by members of the Jamaican public. Cable & Wireless Jamaica also owns Jamaica Digiport International Limited, a company which provides high speed data and other telecommunications services exclusively to free zone and offshore Jamaican companies.

Cable & Wireless Jamaica has had an enviable record of outstanding Jamaican corporate citizenship making major financial contributions to Jamaican education, Jamaican health, Jamaican sports and Jamaican inner-city development.

 Major beneficiaries have been the University Hospital of the West Indies (Jamaica campus); the Sickle Cell Unit; the University of the West Indies (UWI) (Jamaican Campus); the University of Technology Jamaica (UTech); The National Foundation for Science and Technology (Jamaica) and the Multi-Care Foundation, a  Jamaican private sector-funded organization established to improve social conditions and provide self-improvement opportunities for inner-city youth. The Jamaican company is also the major sponsor of the national High Schools Lawn Tennis competition; the island's Junior Badminton program; the Senior National Netball Team; the island's Special Olympics program; and has adopted three primary schools in rural Jamaica.
In addition, the company makes hundreds of small donations to a plethora of other Jamaican organizations.

 In recent times the Jamaican company established the Cable & Wireless Jamaica Foundation to be the central vehicle for coordinating its support for programs benefiting Jamaican education, and in particular electronic education, and Jamaican sports.

This policy states the measures Cable & Wireless Jamaica shall undertake to ensure that its telecommunication activities, products and services are environmentally safe to its Jamaican customers, employees, and other Jamaican and international stakeholders. To achieve this goal the Jamaican company develops and implement a Jamaican environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001 requirements. The Jamaican company complies with all relevant Jamaican Legislation and International Agreements and integrates environmental management into all business processes. The Jamaican company continually improves its environmental performance and prevents pollution as far as is reasonably practicable.

 Cable and wireless performs periodic reviews of the companies facilities to ensure compliance with established C&WJ environmental policies, procedures, Jamaican corporate requirements, Jamaican government guidelines, applicable laws and regulations and other requirements. The company supports and assists Cable & Wireless Group Environment Strategy Team in the development of future policies and standards. The Jamaican company identifies and evaluates all operational undertakings which affect the Jamaican environment, and control and manage those effects that are significant.

Cable and Wireless promotes Jamaican environmental awareness among all employees and ensure that all personnel whose work may create a significant impact on the environment receive appropriate training. The Jamaican company reviews annually its environmental performance and implement corrective action where necessary, develops and maintains formal emergency and spill response programs and report releases to the applicable Jamaican governmental agencies as well as the Jamaican company’s appropriate personnel.

 The Jamaican company monitors service providers to ensure conformance with our Jamaican environmental requirements and ensures that plant is planned, installed and maintained with full regard to its potential Jamaican environmental impact. The Jamaican company reduces emissions of harmful substances to the atmosphere and ensures so far as is reasonably practicable, that resources are not wasted and that materials are reused and/or recycled. The Jamaican company reduces, so far as is reasonably practicable, and disposes of all remaining wastes in an environmentally responsible manner. Cable and Wireless Jamaica minimizes the potential contamination of water supplies.

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