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Jamaican Banana


About Jamaican banana chips

The Jamaican banana chips recipe is one of the most famous of Jamaican recipes. Jamaican bananas are cut up and after they are cut into slices they are then deep fried and sprinkled with salt. The Jamaican banana chips recipe is very similar to the Jamaican French fries recipes or Jamaican seasoned fries recipes. Jamaican banana chips recipes are manufactured packaged and sold and this article looks at the different manufacturers of Jamaican banana chips and the benefits of this delicious Jamaican recipe.

After hurricanes Ivan and Dennis, the Jamaican banana industry faced a massive decrease in production. This led to a reduction in by-products such as Jamaican banana chips. However, since May 2005, Jamaican bananas and its by-products have been reappearing in supermarkets and markets. Jamaican green bananas and Jamaican banana chips have been a major part of the Jamaican diet for a long time. And snack time for many could never be the same without the Jamaican banana chips recipe. So with the return of the Jamaican banana chip, the big question is, which of the popular brands of banana chips tastes better.

Chippies Original Banana Chips rose from its humble beginnings in 1964; it was founded by Adrian Grant. Manufactured by Native Food Packers in Kingston, the product has been distributed across the Jamaica, United States, the Cayman Islands, Canada and the United Kingdom. Chippies manufactures other products such as Jamaican plantain chips, Jamaican cashew nuts, cheese curls, onion bits, Jamaican peanuts and more. Though Chippies has been around for some time now and has become a firm favorite of many, lately a hot contender, St. Mary's Banana Chips has taken the Jamaican banana chip recipe market by storm.

St. Mary's Banana Chips was established in 1999 and the manufacturer is Jamaica Producers Foods (JP Foods) in St. Mary. Before 1999, JP Foods were banana exporters. Jamaican bananas that do not meet the required standard for export were discarded so to make use of the rejects, they decided to use them to manufacture Jamaican banana chip recipes. Before September 2005 the Jamaican banana chips were distributed in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, since then they are only distributed in Jamaica. St. Mary's Banana Chips has been on the market since 1999. But three hurricanes later, the raw material of Jamaican bananas is scarce, so JP Foods made the decision to diversify with products such as Jamaican plantain, Jamaican breadfruit, and Jamaican cassava chips.

Jamaican banana recipes must not be too hard and have that great banana flavor. When preparing these Jamaican banana recipes they must not be too salty and oily. The banana chips should be cut into a reasonable size and not be too small but not too big. The bananas used should not be ripened Jamaican bananas, this will make the Jamaican banana chips spoil easily and the chips will lose the crunchy taste. There are other great Jamaican recipes that use bananas, such as Jamaican banana bread recipe, Jamaican banana cake recipe, Jamaican banana fritters recipe and a host more.

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