Doctors Cave Beach Hotel
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Doctors Cave Beach Hotel

About Doctors Cave Jamaican Beach Hotel

For a truly unforgettable Jamaican vacation, visit the intimate Doctors Cave Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. An enchanting little resort Jamaican hotel in a storybook setting. Where Jamaican smiles and laughter fill the air and warm Jamaican memories fill the soul. Doctors Cave Beach Hotel is serenely secluded and yet strategically located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Just a short hop from the Jamaican Sangster's airport, mere steps from world-famous Doctors Cave Beach and moments from Jamaican tennis, Jamaican golf, Jamaican horseback riding and Jamaica's colorful markets and duty-free shopping. Doctors Cave Beach Hotel is centrally located along Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is a small moderately priced boutique Jamaican hotel.

The Jamaican property has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. We strive to exceed the expectations of our guests and offer the type of personalized Jamaican service that can only be rendered at a property of this size. The name Doctors Cave Beach Hotel stems from Jamaica’s most famous beach, which is the Jamaican Doctors Cave Bathing Club. The Jamaican beach took its name from Dr. Alexander Mc Catty, who owned it and turned it into a bathing club in 1906. A small cave located on the property (which is no longer accessible) also contributed to the name. The name seems even more appropriate since Sir Herbert Baker (a British osteopath) claimed in the 1920 s that the Jamaican waters could cure a variety of ailments. So when we say that Doctors Cave Beach Hotel is just what the doctor ordered, we re not just being humorous. In fact, the waters around Doctors Cave Beach contain a great deal of Jamaican spring water as numerous underwater springs meet the sea here.

The Jamaican hotel has undergone many renovations over the years. The most recent being December 1997. The facilities are modern, the decor Jamaican tropical and the staff friendly and efficient. For a truly unforgettable Jamaican vacation visit an enchanting little Jamaican hotel resort in a storybook setting. Where smiles and laughter fill the air and warm memories fill the soul. Visit the intimate Doctors Cave Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, sunny accommodations that are modern and spotless. An attentive Jamaican staff that is thoughtful and courteous. And gourmet cuisine that is legendary throughout the island of Jamaica. For a Jamaica vacation you will cherish for a lifetime visit a charming resort that beguiles the body and soul. Visit the Doctors Cave Beach Hotel.

Our Jamaican chef and his staff serve up sumptuous Jamaican recipes with fresh Jamaican fruits and vegetables from our local markets and prepared with a Jamaican flavor - a gourmet Jamaican cuisine that is legendary throughout the island. This you will enjoy at our luscious open-air poolside dining room or at the adjoining Nikita's Italian Restaurant. After a great Jamaican dinner, stroll into our Grotto Bar and enjoy a Jamaican drink while listening to Calypso and Jamaican Reggae tunes you'll sway to unexpectedly months later. The enchantment of Doctors Cave Beach Hotel awaits you. Here's another reason that Doctors Cave Beach Hotel will bewitch you. In keeping with its old-world charm is an old-world attitude about service. We still believe in the personal touch and the philosophy that it is a privilege to serve our guest and cater to all their needs. You'll find our Jamaican hotel staff thoughtful, courteous and friendly.

What's more, the Jamaican staff is knowledgeable as only natives can be about Jamaican tours, tracking down that special Jamaican gift or places to see. These are the ingredients of a Jamaican holiday. For a truly unforgettable Jamaican vacation, which lingers, evoking warm memories long after it's over, you need enchantment - enchantment in an atmosphere that beguiles and rejuvenates you mind, body and soul.

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