Private Sector Organization Of Jamaica (PSOJ)
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Private Sector Organization Of Jamaica (PSOJ)

Jamaican Private Sector Organization.

The PSOJ are a voluntary Jamaican national organization of some 330 private sector Jamaican associations, Jamaican companies and Jamaican individuals that are working together to promote a healthy and productive Jamaican private sector. We seek to include everybody in a democratic, dynamic Jamaican organization that is responsive to the needs and issues of the day.

The PSOJ seeks to foster unity and cooperation within the private sector and public sector. They also to lobby the Jamaican government for policies and programs which will support economic growth. The mandate of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica is to channel private sector resources to help alleviate the economic and social problems of the country, to promote the principles of private enterprise and the free market economic system as being the most effective means of achieving Jamaican economic growth and to advocate equality of opportunity, freedom and reward for personal initiative.

Our Organization is governed by a fifty member Council which is elected by the general membership to serve for a two year period. The Jamaican council elects each year from its members, an Executive Committee, which appoints an Executive Director. The private sector organization of Jamaica seeks to influence national policy issues of a political, social, or economic nature. The Executive Committee, under guidance from the Council, leads this process by promoting discussions with the country's government, political directorate and the opposition. The Jamaican organization is also in close and constant contact with the major multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies.

The Jamaican executive committee meets monthly and is responsible for the operations of the Jamaican organization. Through the Jamaican committee we are committed to providing our members with complete access to the organization and to respond instantly to issues raised by them. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of the chief executive officer and a secretariat of 16 qualified employees. We engage in a wide range of Jamaican social and economic activities through our two major divisions: Jamaican Economic Research and Jamaican Business Development and Communications. Activities include: Publications of in-depth Jamaican economic analyses and forecasts, serving on important Jamaican government and Jamaican non-government committees, staging Jamaican seminars and membership functions.

In addition, we have 10 active and energetic committees drawn from the membership: Jamaican Corporate Governance, Jamaican Energy, Jamaican Economic Policy, Jamaican Education, Jamaican Environment, Jamaica Medical Assistance Program, Membership, Jamaican National Crime Prevention Fund, Jamaican National Security and Trade Policy.

 Since its inception in the 1970s the PSOJ has been instrumental in

          the official adoption of the Jamaican free market economy as being the most appropriate framework for the country's long term development.

          the process of liberalization, deregulation and privatization of the Jamaican economy which began in the 1980s

          the lifting of Jamaican exchange controls

          Jamaican tax reforms in the late 80s and early 90s

          the introduction of Jamaican cambios

          the reform process in the Jamaican Police Force, beginning with the Hirst Report

          the drive to connect Jamaican inflation with money supply

          the ongoing process of Jamaican electoral reform

          amendments to the New Jamaican Companies and Jamaican Revenue Administration Acts

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