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Jamaican Recipes


Air Jamaican Recipes

Air Jamaica is Jamaica’s premier air line and the love bird has adopted the theme of the world’s flying chef which prepares great Jamaican recipes and serves breakfast lunch and dinner to the travelers. This has done wonders for the airline and adds to the great service given to all the travelers on Air Jamaica. The Jamaican airline has given its commitment to bolstering the Jamaican cuisine by serving new and innovative Jamaican recipes. This article looks at the Jamaican recipes served on the airline and is taken in part from the Jamaican publication the Jamaica Gleaner.

WHEN YOU fly Air Jamaica, the word 'Jamaican jerk' will no longer cover just the physical hiccups the plane experiences when it encounters turbulence in the sky. Jamaican Jerk recipes  can now be extended to the in-flight Jamaican meal offerings as well. Even as the economic shock waves of Operation Iraqi Freedom are still reverberating throughout the international airline industry, which has not fully recovered from 9-11 fallout, Air Jamaica is employing an avant-garde strategy of 'beefing' (Jamaican beef recipes) up its in-flight meal offerings.

With a lot of international airlines flying out of business, the arguments are that if you cut out Jamaican food, you could save a lot of money, but if you cut out Jamaican food, those same persons talking would be the first to fly another airline, so we have decided to take the bull by the horns, and go further with our Jamaican food. The Jamaican airline plans to provide our customers with a choice of Jamaican recipes such as Jamaican ackee and codfish recipe , or Jamaican mackerel rundown recipe, or even Jamaican codfish and callaloo recipes. There will be a Jamaican jerk recipe special in the evenings of either Jamaican chicken recipes, Jamaican pork recipes or Jamaican fish recipes.

There are even plans to offer Jamaican coconut water on board as a genuine alternative to Jamaican carbonated beverages recipes. The airline is also focusing on a number of strategies to ensure its medium- to long-term survival, including a 25 per cent cut in ticket costs and cutting excess baggage charges by half. But undeniably, the Big Kahuna is the Jamaican food. The Jamaican airline billed as the airline with the world's only executive flying chef has put together a Jamaican menu that will have mouths watering. The Jamaican airlines executive chef travels constantly to each Air Jamaica destination, checking that in-flight Jamaican meals are up to standard. He deals with the in-flight Jamaican menu a year in advance to ensure that costs are kept within the budget, and plays a big role in the airline's offering of Jamaican fare.

Last month the national carrier began implementing a number of cost-cutting measures such as salary givebacks, while the positions of two vice-presidents, seven departmental directors, two senior managers, 14 other management staff and four non-management staff were eliminated with immediate effect. The situation at the Jamaican airline is a windsock of the mounting crisis in the international airline industry which has experienced difficulties following the September 2001 attacks as customer confidence dropped and new security measures were implemented.

Island Oven has traveled with the Jamaican airline and can attest that the Jamaican recipes served are authentic and produced at the highest standard. To get some of these great Jamaican recipes download Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

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