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Jamaican food provides a good diet

Observing a good diet with Jamaican food and Jamaican food recipes is a lot easier than many people think. There are several methods that can be used to keeping a balanced diet with the correct proteins, calcium, mineral and vitamins that the body needs using great tasting Jamaican food recipes. This article explores the fact that the Jamaican food and the Jamaican recipes they are used to prepare are not the only factors that contributes to balancing a good diet, the method of preparation whether frying, steaming, broiling roasting and another method of preparing Jamaican recipes will contribute to how well balanced the Jamaican dish is.

It is essential that everyone has a well balanced diet that should mean that one should eat a diet that includes Jamaican grains, Jamaican nuts, seeds, and unpolished brown Jamaican rice. Millet cereal is a good source of protein. Eat as much wheat, oat, and bran as possible, in starchy Jamaican food or prepared in starchy. Eating Jamaican onions and using Jamaican garlic liberally, enhances the immune system and is a good cancer-fighter. Crushing Jamaican garlic and then leaving it to rest for 10 minutes before use seems to raise the levels of its cancer-fighting component, alkyl sulfide. If you do not like the taste of Jamaican garlic, take it in supplement form.

Try to eat seven servings of whole-grain Jamaican food a day. Include at least five different types of grain foods in your diet each week. Cook all Jamaican vegetables slightly, Jamaican plantain, Jamaican dasheen, Jamaican Irish potatoes and other great tasting Jamaican vegetables. Eat as many Jamaican tomatoes and Jamaican tomato-based products as you can. Lycopene, an antioxidant agent in tomatoes, it protects cells from oxidants associated with cancer. Eating a diet that includes plenty of Jamaican tomatoes cuts the risk of cervical, lung, stomach, and prostate cancers. Preliminary reports suggest it may also prevent breast, colorectal, esophagus, mouth, and pancreatic cancer.

To ensure that your diet is also well balanced Jamaican cooking techniques use methods that donít involve too much heat. When preparing Jamaican vegetables and what is more commonly known as Jamaican food try not to over boil the food. Jamaican food such as Jamaican bananas, Jamaican yams, Jamaican sweet potatoes, when boiled lose some of the vitamins and minerals found naturally in the food. The best methods of Jamaican cooking that preserve vitamins and minerals in particular is via broiling, baking to avoid using excess oil, steaming but not too much to take away from the great taste of the Jamaican food.

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