Jamaican Cooking Recipes.
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Jamaican Cooking Recipes

Jamaican Cooking And Dining Style Recipes

When dining on Jamaican recipes one must be aware on not just plain etiquette, but how to eats certain Jamaican foods. In the comfort of ones home you can devour or gouge on any meal even with your hands, but dining on Jamaican recipes and Jamaican foods in public requires much more. This article explores Jamaican etiquette guidelines on how to dine Jamaican in fine style.

Some delicious Jamaican foods can be quite difficult to eat. There are however some dining etiquette guidelines to help you tackle your favorite dishes the right way.

Jamaican Asparagus

At a formal restaurant, it is best to use a fork and knife to eat Jamaican asparagus. Cut one bite at a time. In a more casual setting, eating asparagus as a finger Jamaican food is acceptable. If the Jamaican asparagus has a butter sauce, hold over the serving platter, allowing it to drain before placing it onto your plate.

Jamaican Garlic Bread and Butter

Break Jamaican garlic bread into moderately-sized pieces, or use a long serrated bread knife to cut a piece. After using the master Jamaican butter knife to place butter on your bread plate, use your individual butter knife to spread enough butter for a bite-sized piece.

Jamaican chicken recipes

Jamaican chicken recipes are never eaten with the fingers in a formal dining situation. In an informal setting, you can eat the smaller pieces (wing, leg, joints) with fingers. Larger pieces, such as Jamaican chicken breast must be cut using a place or steak knife.

Jamaican soup recipes with Jamaican crackers or bread

Jamaican crackers for the Jamaican soup recipe are to be transferred onto the bread and butter plate from the serving plate or bowl. For Jamaican oyster crackers, drop several into the soup. Larger Jamaican crackers are broken up into smaller pieces and scattered into the Jamaican soup recipe.

Jamaican fish recipe

If a Jamaican sauce recipe is served separately, use a small sauce ladle to place it on top of your serving and return to the Jamaican sauce dish. When provided, use the Jamaican lemon fork to spear a piece of lemon before squeezing it over the Jamaican fish recipe.

Jamaican potato fries recipe

When serving Jamaican potato fries at a formal dinner, they should be eaten with a fork. Large Jamaican potato fries, should be cut into bite size pieces. In an informal setting, they are considered a finger Jamaican food.

Jamaican lobster recipes

Before the Jamaican lobster recipe is served, it is cracked at all points with the tail split in half. Use a cocktail fork to remove the Jamaican lobster meat. Dip it into melted butter. If your Jamaican lobster recipe is served cold, it may be served with mayonnaise. Eat the tail Jamaican lobster meat by pulling out one piece at a time. If you pull out a particularly large piece, cut it with your dinner knife or fork before dipping. Place the empty shell pieces onto a separate waste bowl or plate.

Jamaican melon fruit

The cut of a Jamaican melon determines the way it should be eaten. If it is served cut in half or a large wedge, use a Jamaican melon spoon. It can be eaten with either a spoon or a knife and fork depending on the size of the wedge. Jamaican watermelon is usually served in a wedge and can be eaten with a knife and a fork. Extract the seeds with the fork. Melons can be considered a finger Jamaican food in an informal setting.

Jamaican potato recipe

Use a baked Jamaican potato fork to serve a baked potato onto your plate. Cut the Jamaican potato in half and add Jamaican seasonings to taste. If you are served mashed potatoes and Jamaican gravy is being passed, use the gravy ladle provided to top the Jamaican potatoes.

Jamaican salad recipes

There are normally at least two forks at each place setting on the left side of the plate. In Jamaica, the Jamaican salad recipe is usually served as a first course so the small salad fork is on the outside and is used first. If you are served large pieces or a whole wedge of Jamaican lettuce, cut one bite at a time using the knife provided. If Jamaican salad recipe is the main course, such as a luncheon, use the entrée fork. If the Jamaican salad recipe is served prior to the main course or after, use the smaller salad fork.

Jamaican kebab recipes

Holding the Jamaican kebab in one hand, use the dinner fork to remove the pieces with the other. After all the Jamaican food is transferred from the stick to your plate, place it on the side of the plate. Eat the meat and Jamaican vegetables using the dinner fork and knife.

Jamaican shrimp cocktail recipe

Small Jamaican shrimp cocktail recipe can be dipped into the Jamaican cocktail sauce using the cocktail fork. If the shrimp are large, they must be placed onto the plate and cut with the fork provided before dipping them into the Jamaican sauce recipe. Use the condiment ladle to transfer cocktail sauce to your plate.

Jamaican soup recipe

When you are served the Jamaican soup recipe in a cup with one or two handles, it is acceptable to pick it up and drink the Jamaican soup recipe. When Jamaican soup is served in a bowl, always use a soup spoon. Do not pick the bowl up to drink the Jamaican soup and never make slurping sounds while eating. When you are finished with the Jamaican soup recipe, place the spoon on the side of the plate. At a formal dinner, this notifies the server that you are ready for the next course

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