Jamaican Recipes and the diversity of them.
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Jamaican Recipes

Diversity of Jamaican Recipes

Before anyone can really answer this question one must understand what it actually means to be Jamaican and what is the culture of Jamaica. More information on this can be found in our Jamaican Article Corner.

But on this particular subject Jamaica’s motto is ‘Out of many, One people’ this effectively means that Jamaica is made of a diverse ethnic groups based on our history coming back as far as the Arawak Indians, the Spanish conquistadores, the French settlers and British plantation overlords who inhabited and governed the islands to throughout the 15th to 19th centuries to the predominantly African, Indian and Chinese freed slaves and indentured laborers who now make up over 90% of the current population.

As diverse is the ethnicity of Jamaica so is its culture and by extension its cuisine. Jamaican recipes that have been passed down through the years have been a mixture of the cuisine from all these ethnic groups coupled with the indigenous Jamaican herbs and spices along with a few brought to Jamaica by the settlers.

One’s imagination would have to be boundary-less to think of what taste or flavor would be born from a blend of all the recipes brought by settlers throughout the years. So this leads us back to the question ‘Are Jamaican recipes really Jamaican?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES. Jamaican recipes are a blend of different types of recipes taken from almost every race that one can think of coupled with the Jamaican herbs, spices and seasonings that are grown locally and unique methods of preparation that yield that undeniably one of the most savoring flavor and taste in the world today.

Jamaican recipes have catapulted the Jamaican culture and cuisine leaps and bounds above almost every other cuisine in the Caribbean and none other is as celebrated globally. Among these recipes are our famous Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Pork and Fish recipes, Ackee and Salt fish recipe, Callaloo, Breadfruit, Rice and Peas recipes, Cassava Cakes (Bammies) recipes, Stewed Peas recipe, Jamaican Style Curry Goat recipe, Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaican Patties, Johnny Cakes and Festival recipes, Peppered Shrimps recipe, Escoveitched Fish recipe and a host of other recipes. These are what we like to call distinctly Jamaican recipes.

Another notable about Jamaica and Jamaican recipes is the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes. In most countries once asked about Jamaica one will mention either or all of the following, Bob Marley, Rum and Red Stripe Beer. The latter of rum and Red Stripe Beer being two of the most potent alcoholic beverages on the island. Rum from Appleton Estate is brewed to perfection along with Red Stripe Beer that keeps the taste of the isle alive to the very last drop.

But there’s so much more to Jamaican Drink Recipes, non-alcoholic Jamaican beverages sometimes double as an aphrodisiac and a potent drink designed to improve male and or female stamina. These boiled herbs are blended together to give rise to things such as Strong Back Roots and Four Man Strength Roots. The names of these Jamaican drink recipes are self-explanatory.

Jamaica has found a way to export the taste of Jamaica in exporting the sauces that accompany many of the meals and bottling and selling the drink recipes.

So let’s review:

ü        Jamaica has a diverse culture made up of predominantly Spanish, French, British, African, Indian and Chinese ethnicity.

ü        As diverse is the Jamaican ethnicity so is the Jamaican culture and by extension the Jamaican cuisine.

ü        Jamaican Recipes are truly Jamaican.

All the recipes mentioned in this article can be found in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

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