Jamaican Cake Recipes
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Jamaican Cake Recipes

Jamaican Baking and Cake Recipes

Jamaican recipes are normally known for the hot pepper sauce recipes, the Jamaican jerk recipes and the other spicy and tasty meat recipes. What most chefs and cooks donít know is that in the arsenal of Jamaican recipes some of the tastiest recipes are the baked recipes. These include the wide range of Jamaican cake recipes, Jamaican pudding and pie recipes, Jamaican baked sandwich recipes, Jamaican Bun recipes, Jamaican cookie recipes, Jamaican bread and biscuit recipes and Jamaican patty and tart recipes. There are over 350 of these tasty pastries and Jamaican cake baking recipes spread across our Jamaican recipe collection but what is the real secret of our Jamaican baking recipe collection.

The use of the Jamaican spices.

Jamaican pastry and Jamaican cake baking recipes have been revered because of the special and unique Jamaican spices that have been used in the ingredients. Some of the more popular Jamaican spices such as cinnamon, ginger and pimento are some of the more popular Jamaican spices used during the baking process. These are not unique to the Jamaican bun, breads and cupJamaican cake recipes but even transcend into Jamaican cake recipes especially Jamaican fruit Jamaican cake recipes. The most important thing is to find a spice that you and your family or guests find appealing. The three Jamaican spices mentioned along with all spice, nutmeg, cocoa powder, cloves and mixed Jamaican spices. The use of these Jamaican spices, though not unique to Jamaican pastry and Jamaican cake baking recipes is not found in such abundance anywhere else in the baking industry. This is one of the standouts of the Jamaican recipes and definitely a trade secret of most chefs, cooks and bakers.

The preparation and use of exotic Jamaican fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Coupled with the use of these Jamaican spices are the use of exotic Jamaican fruits and nuts in the preparation of these recipes. By exotic we mean not Jamaican fruits that are grown only in Jamaica but that Jamaica has a plethora of these Jamaican fruits and stew them into the ingredients of an ordinary Jamaican cake or pastry mix to give the recipe the unique flavor. Two of the more favorite Jamaican fruit mixes include the banana and the mango, used to make from banana bread to a mango Jamaican cake.

Get Jamaica.Com have included not only all these recipes that have unique flavor and taste but have realized that mixing these stews during the baking process have yielded some of the most tasty and desirable recipes yet. Some of the more popular Jamaican fruits include banana, mango, cherry, apple, coconut, orange, papaya (paw-paw), naseberry, guava, carrots, beetroot and even coffee plus a host of others. For more of these recipes you can get a copy of Jamaican cake & Baking Recipes Volume I which has just about pastry and Jamaican cake baking recipes.

Not only do Jamaican recipes use unconventional Jamaican fruits along with combinations of exotic Jamaican fruits but they use unconventional vegetables as well. Yam pudding, Sweet potato puddings and Dasheen puddings are also a great addition to the Jamaican cake and pastry baking recipe collection. These fiber based baking recipes create one of the most famous combinations of exotic Jamaican fruits and vegetable blends known to the baking industry.

The use of Jamaican rum

Unlike with other recipes across the baking industry the use of rum and alcohol in Jamaican cake and pastry baking recipes is second to none. Especially with recipes such as Planters Rum Jamaican cake Recipe, or Rum Punch Bread Recipe. These recipes are loved by most individuals who are avid baked products fans worldwide.

Decoration and Presentation methods

One of Get Jamaicaís Top Ten Cooking Hints and Suggestions is that display can affect taste. Putting together great tasting recipes in a sloppy way or making the presentation unattractive can take away from the whole taste experience of your guests. Jamaican cake and pastry baking recipes also focus on decorating the final product before serving it to anyone. Presentation is undoubtedly a rewarding art in Jamaican recipes, but it requires knowledge and a little practice to get craftsman results. Presentation is highly concentrated on Jamaican cakes and regular meat based meals, however the other pastries donít get as much focus. But Get Jamaica.Com believes that a lot of emphasis should ensure that even if you donít get geometrical precision the presentation makes the meal very enticing.

The baking methods

Most Jamaican cake and pastry recipes donít conform to conventional baking temperatures. They are usually set a bit higher than normal. This is done to ensure that the crust is as crisp as possible. This is a tricky practice as if the oven is set to too high a temperature then this will lead to burning the outside of the recipe and even a dry taste if not burned.

So letís review

 Ł        Jamaican cake and pastry recipes span at least six different categories of recipes.

Ł        There are five main secrets to Jamaican cake and pastry baking recipes, these are the use of Jamaican spices, the use of exotic Jamaican fruits, vegetables and nuts, the use of rum and alcohol, the intricate detail to presentation and the unconventional baking methods.

Ł        Jamaican cake and pastry baking recipes are a very important aspect to Jamaican cuisine.

Ł        Get Jamaica has over 30 great tips and hints on how to make the right baking recipe.

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