Jamaican Beef Recipes, how to prepare them.
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Jamaican Beef Recipes

Learn To Prepare Great Tasting Jamaican Beef Recipes

Jamaicans love beef recipes possibly as much as they love Jamaican chicken recipes. This means that this category of Jamaican recipes is the one of the most diverse and large in Jamaican cuisine. This article reveals what every cook, chef or housewife should know about preparing Jamaican beef recipes. Jamaicans consume beef in several different categories of recipes, beef can be used in Jamaican appetizer recipes in Jamaican beef patty recipes or can be used as a main course such as Jamaican peppered steak recipes or as a dessert as a light Jamaican beef and vegetable ball recipe. These recipes can be easily prepared from the comfort of your home if you follow the correct procedures before preparation of the Jamaican beef recipe. The first step is to prepare the Jamaican beef before you use the beef to make the Jamaican beef recipe.

 Allow the beef to defrost naturally at room temperature Jamaican beef recipes require a lot of seasonings and spices if the beef is water logged the seasonings cannot penetrate the beef and the seasonings will not soak in. Place the Jamaican beef in an air tight container and allow to defrost throwing off the water occasionally, to ensure that soaking does not take place.

Clean and wash the beef properly Before preparing any Jamaican beef recipe, the beef must be cleaned by washing with vinegar and water.  Always use key seasonings The first is Jamaican garlic that adds a natural flavor to the recipe. It can be used to desired taste or used just enough in the Jamaican recipe that it is not tasted at all in the final recipe. The second key seasoning is salt, salt adds flavor and removes what is known as that fresh taste. The third key seasoning is black pepper powdered seasoning. This seasoning is used sparsely to add a preliminary peppered or spice taste.

Use a beef tenderizer Using a beef tenderizer is key in preparing a great Jamaican beef recipe. To do this try and use a natural beef tenderizer, such as a spice based powdered beef tenderizer. Allow the seasoned beef to remain overnight Allowing the beef to remain overnight will ensure that the seasoning soaks right through the Jamaican beef. This gives the Jamaican beef recipe a much better taste when served.

Jamaican beef recipes are revered by many cooks and chefs as some of the most spicy and tasty recipes known to man. One popular recipe in this category is the Jamaican peppered steak recipe or the Jamaican peppered veal recipe.

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