Jamaican Dessert Recipes
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Jamaican Dessert Recipe

Learn How To Prepare The Best Jamaican Dessert Recipes

Every great Jamaican chef knows that it’s what you serve as your closing or Jamaican dessert recipe that will determine how a full course meal will be remembered. Most Jamaican cooks and chefs think about Jamaican dessert as the end to a three or full course dinner but this is not the case. The last item your guests dine on will remain the longest in their memory so finish with a delectable and memorable Jamaican dessert recipe. Jamaican breakfast recipe, lunch and dinner can all be full course meals and this means that serving the right choices for Jamaican dessert recipes will make all the difference. But what really is the secret about Jamaican Dessert Recipes?

Jamaican dessert recipes vary from the complex to the very simple, from a Jamaican mango and Jamaican watermelon fruit salad to a delicious slice of Jamaican Apple Pie. Jamaican dessert recipes still keep the unique taste of the island. Even more astounding cooks all over the world revere Jamaican dessert recipes because of their mixed uses. The more elaborate Jamaican dessert recipes can sometimes be doubled as a Jamaican appetizer recipe or the main course or some times even as a light snack.

Chef Doreen revealed that to make an authentic Jamaica dessert recipe every chef must first decide what the main course will be and marry some of the dessert recipes to these Jamaican main course recipes. Main course meals that are spicy should be accompanied by a Jamaican fruit salad or dessert pasta, while lighter less spicy main courses can be accompanied by a slice or Jamaican Black Forrest Cake or a Jacdaquiri (Jamaican Daiquiri).

Doreen also explained that though the right choices for a Jamaican dessert meal based on the main course meal is important, it is even more important that the two other rules of Jamaican dessert recipes must be kept. The first of these rules is that the meal must carry that unique and authentic Jamaican recipe taste.

Many Jamaican chefs make the mistake of serving a great Jamaican appetizer meal, followed by a great Jamaican main course meal both packed with the great Jamaican flavor and taste and then serve a French croissant or some other delight for the dessert. This takes away from the flavor of the meal and leaves the guest with somewhat mixed emotions about the meal that they just ate. It is important then to keep to that Jamaican flavor throughout the meal.

The second rule, is keeping your Jamaican dessert light. Don’t make the dreaded mistake of serving a plate full for a Jamaican dessert meal. Your dessert should not be a burden for your guest to consume. Jamaican desserts are relatively easy to consume and go down well not leaving a bitter taste in ones mouth. Imagine having a serving of Jamaican callaloo fritters for an appetizer, followed by a main course of Jamaican Jerk chicken and then a large Jamaican fruit salad to guzzle down. This is a sure way of frustrating your guest and leaving them glued to the chair by being too filled. A meal such as the one mentioned above should be served with a conservative slice of carrot cake or coffee cake.

Most people who dine in four star Jamaican restaurants and cafes prefer a cappuccino or a latté after a heavy meal and Jamaican dessert recipes do not disappoint with arguably the best coffee in the world Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans make the best espressos and lattés around.

So let’s review:

ü        The last item your guests dine on will remain the longest in their memory so finish with a delectable and memorable Jamaican dessert.

ü        Keep to that Jamaican flavor throughout the meal; serve only Jamaican desserts with a Jamaican meal.

ü        Jamaican desserts should be light and relatively easy to consume.

Some of the more popular Jamaican dessert recipes are Jamaican fruit salads, Jamaican black forrest cake, Jamaican potato pudding, Jamaican coconut pudding, Jamaican coffee cake and or Jamaican carrot cake. These are usually served after a heavy main course meal.

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