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Jamaican Cook Book Recipes

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The Jamaican Recipe Collection of downloadable e-cookbook was review by several Caribbean gourmet chef. These men head the kitchens of five-star hotels across Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean had taken the Island Oven challenge of using the Jamaican recipe collection to prepare meals for there guests. They did and have wowed their guests choosing from the over 3,000 authentic Jamaican recipes found in the Jamaican Recipe collection and have made the flagship downloadable e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III one of the most powerful resources in both Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine.

The Jamaican recipe collection is made of a series of 26 e-cookbooks and 7 special edition e-cookbooks. These downloadable cookbooks available at the click of a button has over 8,250 authentic Jamaican recipes, starting with Jamaican appetizer recipes to Jamaican vegetarian recipes to special edition e-cookbooks highlighting the Jamaican breadfruit to the Jamaican Ackee. The collection can be ordered on CD, downloaded in PDF (portable document format) or using an e-book reader software that requires no additional software to view. The Jamaican recipe collection is complemented by the Free Jamaican Recipe Corner which has over 1,500 authentic Jamaican recipes posted for your benefit.

The Jamaican recipe collection is described as a veritable feast of the inventiveness and splendor of the best the region has to offer. Beautifully laid out with photographs of Jamaican foods that look good enough to eat, the e-cookbook is marketed by Island Oven LLC and published by Worldwide Realtors Company Limited.

The Jamaican recipe collection covers the entire gamut of meals from sunrise to sunset. There are old favorites like Stamp and Go (salt fish fritters) Jamaican recipe, Dip & Fall Back (Run Down) Jamaican recipe, Ackee & Salt fish and Jerk Chicken Jamaican recipes. Then there are the more exotic and inventive Jamaican recipe dishes like Stuffed Baked Paw-Paw, Solomon Gundy and Curried Ackee Soup. The Jerk Snapper with Callaloo & Okra stuffing is simply divine and has to be up there as one of the premier fish dishes anywhere in the world.

The Jamaican recipe collection is a full compilation of recipes taken from across Jamaica with many different variations and guaranteed Jamaican food recipes of the Caribbean that no one has tasted. The Jamaican recipe collection is a show case for Jamaican cuisine, working with many professional chefs, part-time cooks and house wives across the island to develop and compile authentic Jamaican recipes the resource has captured the true flavor of Jamaica.

The Jamaican recipe collection is a must for those who aspire to be a master in the kitchen ­ wherever in the world they may be, or even for the house wife who wants to spice up there kitchen with exotic Jamaican recipes to thrill their families with many of these recipes.

Downloading the flagship Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III will allow you to access over 3,000 of Jamaica’s best recipes with clear and precise cooking instructions at the click of a button, allowing you to print in a jiffy.

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