Jamaican Chicken Recipes are a popular gourmet meal in Jamaica.
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Gourmet Chicken Recipes Are Popular In Jamaica

Jamaican Chicken Recipes Are The Most Popular Island wide

This is a guide to prepare easy gourmet Jamaican chicken recipes. This article will allow you to prepare great Jamaican recipes is less than 30 minutes that will wow your guests and family.

 Preparing Jamaican chicken recipes using the advantage of the high-quality flavored olive oils ≠ garlic, basil, rosemary and lemon is found in most supermarkets. These oils pack a lot of flavor. Drizzle them on Jamaican soup recipes, Jamaican salad recipes, grilled breads or vegetables to give favorite Jamaican foods a life. Jamaican easy gourmet chicken recipes require ten simple rules that if followed will allow you to create a masterpiece that looks and tastes as if you spent hours preparing a great authentic Jamaican recipe. During warmer weather, grill the chicken, adding a handful of your favorite wood chips to the fire.

1.       Use powdered Jamaican seasonings. This allows you to capture the taste of the natural Jamaican herbs and spices rather than using raw Jamaican seasonings which, though more potent would take a much longer time to penetrate the meat.

2.       Use a Jamaican meat tenderizer or pre-cooked meats. If you use a Jamaican meat that takes over Ĺ hour to cook then you must use a Jamaican meat tenderizer. If not pre-cooked, meat such as tinned Jamaican foods will work well for easy gourmet meals.

3.       Use full meal Jamaican dishes. This includes dishes such as pastas and mixed meat dishes, such as the popular Jamaican chicken fried rice recipe or a popular Jamaican soup recipe.

4.       Use Jamaican meats that donít take a long time to cook. The fastest cooking meat is Jamaican fish recipes. Whether steaming, baking or roasting Jamaican fish recipes take the least time to prepare. These meals can create a great three course Jamaican masterpiece meal in minutes, starting with Jamaican fish tea recipe as an appetizer, Jamaican Escoveitched fish recipe as a main course and Jamaican fish sticks in garlic recipe as a Jamaican dessert recipe.

5.       Use Jamaican herbs and spices for garnishing. When you are close to completing the meal use Jamaican onions, Jamaican garlic, Jamaican escallion and other herbs and spices to garnish the dish. Not only does this add to the already powdered Jamaican seasonings used to season the meat before cooking but gives the meal that great look as well.

6.       Use Jamaican vegetables as side dishes. This means that side dishes such as the Jamaican banana, Jamaican potatoes, Jamaican cabbage and other vegetables that are easy to prepare can be used to add more flavor to your Jamaican easy gourmet recipes.

7.       Use Jamaican crock-pot recipes. These recipes though not very popular in rural Jamaica but has become very popular amongst  Jamaican resort chefs.

8.       Use as much cooking accessories as possible. Clearly easy gourmet Jamaican recipes rely heavily on technology. Rice cooker, blenders, microwave ovens, crackpots, broilers and other great kitchen accessories are designed to assist you in preparing Jamaican food recipes quickly. Every cook should have a few of these in his/her kitchen.

9.       Use soft Jamaican recipes. Soft Jamaican recipes refer to those recipes that are light and donít use heavy ingredients such as beef or pork. These Jamaican meals if prepared well done take a very long time to prepare.

Be prepared with authentic Jamaican easy gourmet recipes. Some cooks and chefs try to use Jamaican recipes not designed to be easy gourmet to whip up quickly which usually leads to a disaster.

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