Jamaican Ice Cream Recipes are very enticing such as Devon House Ice Cream.
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Jamaican Ice Cream Recipe

Devon House Ice Cream Recipes

Jamaican ice cream has become a popular food in the island since the early 1970ís and every day Jamaican cooks and chefs have found new ways of creating authentic Jamaican flavored recipes. This includes Jamaican fruit flavored ice creams such as Jamaican mango ice cream, Jamaican apple ice cream and Jamaican pineapple ice cream. Jamaica has also experimented with the age old favorite of rum and raisin to create a sweeter rum taste or to mix a stout such as Jamaican Guinness stout along with Jamaican cows milk. A blend of Jamaican chocolate in Jamaican ice cream has also added to the exotic taste. This article examines how Jamaican exotic ice cream is made.

Changes in Jamaican ice cream flavors and shapes are always being refreshed to satisfy consumers' taste buds. Jamaican ice cream flavors have even expanded to include ackee, guava and soursop. Another exotic Jamaican ice cream is Jamaican black ice cream. This is fashioned from Jamaican ice cream served in a cone which is black on the outside, packaged in a crunchy cone and has yummy caramel sauce on the inside.

Jamaican exotic ice cream flavors are with coated toppings are superb. They start out very sweet and lives up to great expectations. The Jamaican ice cream not too milky or fresh, and the finish is as great as the start. It is important that when prepared the Jamaican ice cream recipe is not too sweet and the chocolate tastes real. Jamaican chocolate is delicious and this is a hit for chocolate and caramel lovers. Adding a crunchy wafer taste to the recipe will do little harm to an already great taste.

Jamaican fruit based ice cream flavors have began to take the world by storm and the most popular manufactured brand in Jamaica is the Jamaican Devon House I-Scream. The trick is to get the great tasting flavor by blending the Jamaican fruits and vegetables and making it into almost slush. When soft you can add sugar or any viable Jamaican sugar substitute and put the mixture to freeze. Adding a touch of milk preferably Jamaican soy-based milk will help to give the Jamaican ice-cream recipe the needed creamy taste when frozen. Some Jamaican fruits and Jamaican vegetables donít blend well with milk and milk based products.

The best Jamaican ice-cream recipes that are used are from the following Jamaican fruits and vegetables, Jamaican Mangoes, Jamaican Otaheite apples, Jamaican ripe bananas, Jamaican coffee, Jamaican soursop, Jamaican guava and Jamaican naseberry. These fruits are found to have the best blend with soy-based milk and make the best Jamaican ice-cream recipes.

To complement these Jamaican ice cream recipes an assortment of natural Jamaican toppings can be used. The Jamaican dry roasted peanut, the Jamaican cashew nut chopped and the Jamaican garden cherry  are some of the more popular toppings used to add more distinct Jamaican flavor to these recipes. Other less favorite Jamaican flavors such as Jamaican mango-carrot ice-cream or Jamaican beet ice cream are a few ways to entice children to consume much needed Jamaican vegetables to get the added minerals and vitamins they need.

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