Jamaican Liver recipes are a popular breakfast recipe that has healthy benefits.
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Jamaican Liver Recipe

A healthy choice in chicken liver for Jamaican recipes

Along with the more traditional Jamaican breakfast recipes, such as Jamaican ackee and salt fish recipe, or Jamaican mackerel and boiled green banana recipe is the Jamaican cooked liver and dumplings or boiled green bananas recipe. Though this Jamaican recipe is certainly not prepared in the same frequency as other popular Jamaican breakfast recipes, it is still a crowd favorite, not just for the nutritional value, specifically the high levels of iron and calcium but because its one of the best tasting Jamaican recipes in the Jamaican cuisine. This article explores how to prepare the great Jamaican liver breakfast recipe and its nutritional values.

Many Jamaican chefs love to prepare Jamaican liver, and it has become a tradition to prepare this Jamaican breakfast on Sunday mornings. The art of cooking Jamaican liver and dumplings for breakfast is a very tricky one. Most first timers attempted to cook Jamaican liver usually make the mistake to believe to cook liver takes a very long time. The first rule of preparing this great Jamaican recipe is that it doesn’t take a long time to prepare.

First cut the Jamaican liver meat into tidbits. Jamaican liver meat is very tough and difficult to cut when thawed, the best way is to cut the meat when it is frozen. The trick is the smaller the tidbits the easier to cook this Jamaican recipe meal. After throwing the Jamaican meat liver tidbits into some hot oil allow the meat to cook on each side for at least 5 minutes then add a small amount of water and allow to simmer for no more than 10 minutes, while simmering add the Jamaican seasonings. Ensure that the seasonings are minced and will allow the food acquire the Jamaican seasoning flavor.

The problem that most Jamaican cooks and chefs make is to overcook the Jamaican food recipe. If this happens the Jamaican food becomes too tough and inedible. Eventually you will be bitterly disappointed if you continue to cook down the Jamaican liver recipe. The Jamaican liver recipe is also very nutritional. Jamaican liver contains more nutrients than any other Jamaican food. Jamaican liver an excellent source of high-quality protein, and is a highly concentrated source of vitamin A. B vitamins are also found in abundance in Jamaican liver recipes particularly vitamin B12. Jamaican liver recipes are also a strong source of folic acid. And a highly usable form of iron.

 Jamaican liver recipes have also been known to be a strong ant-fatigue recipe and a has nutrients that are especially important for cardio-vascular function. This is why this Jamaican recipe is mostly prepared for breakfast as it does give you energy to carry anyone throughout the entire day. Jamaican food recipes that use liver are some of Jamaica’s favorite recipes, the combination of Jamaican liver and other Jamaican meats have been used to wow diners in several four and five star Jamaican hotels and Jamaican restaurants.

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