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Jamaican Articles -Cheesy Jamaican recipes

Jamaican recipes that use cheese are among the most popular recipes in the Jamaican cuisine. One major use for Jamaican cheese is in preparing Jamaican appetizer, Jamaican breakfast recipes and Jamaican dessert recipes. Rarely is cheese used to make the main course of a Jamaican three course meal. The reason being is that cheese tends to bloat and creates a full feeling leaving little room for the meals to come. Recipes such as Jamaican pimento cheese recipe and Jamaican pizza recipes are world renowned for its spicy and authentic Jamaican taste and many variations that continue to wow diners. This article looks at using Jamaican foods and blending them with Jamaican cheese to create new and exciting Jamaican recipes.

The aroma of melting Jamaican cheese oozing through the air can quickly intoxicate large crowds of people including the guests and even the cook or chef themselves. Use of time, creativity, originality and organization in the kitchen will determine how good the Jamaican cheese recipe will come out. It is also important to know that Jamaican cheese recipes that require melting the cheese will result in the cheese becoming hard immediately when the heat is removed. So when preparing Jamaican cheese recipes serve within 10 to 15 minutes of preparing.

Great Jamaican cheese recipes such as a Jamaican cherry cheese pie,  a Jamaican pineapple cheese surprise,  a Jamaican carrot cake with Jamaican cheese topping, a Jamaican cheddar espresso brownie and a popular favorite recipe Jamaican cheesy corn puppies. Jamaican cheese is made at the highest level and is manufactured at a local cheese factory Tastee cheese. The Tastee Manufacturing company is also a recommended Jamaican brand  manufacturing the highest quality in Jamaican foods.

One of the most popular methods of making Jamaican cheese is to make Negril cheese recipe. This is almost similar to cottage cheese and can be made with just a few simple home ingredients. First heat the Jamaican milk to 190F. or just by here turning off the heat just before the milk begins to boil. Next we are to add the Jamaican vinegar and allow the mixture to cool. When cool, pour the mixture, (which now consists of curds and whey) into a colander and drain off the whey. Next pour the curds into a bowl and sprinkle on the salt and mix well. You may wish to use less salt or more. It is simply a matter of taste which is the next step. You can add a little cream for a silky texture to your Negril Cheese Recipe.

Jamaican food recipes that use cheese contain both vitamin A and other substances that can be converted to vitamin A, known as pro-vitamin A, vitamin A precursors or carotenoids. Although it is possible to have a toxic amount of preformed vitamin A when consuming Jamaican food and Jamaican food recipes, this appears not to be the case with pro-vitamin A, so that it is clearly safer to have more of the latter. Vitamin A in Jamaican foods is a fat-soluble vitamin, as also are vitamins D, E and K. It is therefore necessary to have some fat in the Jamaican diet for these vitamins to be adequately absorbed. One of the most important consequences of vitamin A deficiency is dryness of the eyes eventually leading to blindness.

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