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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican Red Stripe Beer Recipes

The island of Jamaica boasts some of the most uniquely prepared beverage recipes, but the most popular Jamaican beverage recipe is that which Red stripe Limited uses to bottle and distribute Red Stripe Beer. Unfortunately just how Jamaican Red Stripe Beer is blended and brewed is patented and copyrighted which prevents us from placing the recipe on this website, but you can learn more about the manufacturers of the Jamaican Red Stripe Beer, Red Stripe Limited by visiting our best Jamaican Food Brands page.

Red Stripe Beer has possibly the most unique taste as a lager beer in the Western hemisphere. Not brewed with a lot of additives the beer can be mixed and blended with other beverages, beers, wines and spirits. This is what makes it so unique along with the distinct Jamaican taste. Red Stripe Beer is enjoyed well when it is extremely cold; in fact the slogan of Red Stripe and the Red Stripe ambassador is ‘Ask for it well cold’. However there are those fans that enjoy a hot beer on a cold or chilly afternoon, while some prefer the lager beer on the rocks.

Red Stripe Beer has so much evolved in its taste and character that it led to a new brand of the beer called the Red Stripe Light Beer. With less calories and less alcoholic content the Light Beer has quickly become commonplace in the Jamaican Beer market even outstripping in gross sales per annum its more traditional counterparts of Heineken Beer, Guinness Draft and Smirnoff Ice. Not renowned overseas the Jamaican Red Stripe Light Beer is quickly making its mark amongst the Jamaican Diaspora and beer loving fans especially in Europe. You can buy online any six-pack of Jamaican Red Stripe Beer or Jamaican Red Stripe Light Beer in your local supermarket or liquor store. Another intriguing fact about the beer is its multiple uses in Jamaican beverage recipes. In our recipe collection there are over 30 Jamaican drink recipes that use Red Stripe Beer and Red Stripe Light Beer as key ingredients. This is done with spirits, other beers and even regular Jamaican drink mixes. These Jamaican drink recipes have been tried and tested by many chefs and coinsurers. Over 250 of these unique Jamaican drink recipes can be found in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III. Some of our top ten favorites from this recipe collection include blends of Jamaican beverages wines and spirits.

Steel Bottom :A mixture of Jamaican Appleton Estate White Rum and Red Stripe Beer

The Light House: A mixture of Jamaican Appleton V/X Red Rum and Red Stripe Light.

Shandy: A mixture of Jamaican Ginger Ale and Red Stripe Beer.

The Red Punch :A mixture of Jamaican Sour Lemonade and Red Stripe Beer.

Red Stripe Beer is so important to Jamaican cuisine that it is not only used in Jamaican drink recipes but is instrumental and key in many Jamaican dinner recipes, Jamaican dessert recipes. Many chefs and cooks believe that not having a few bottles handy while cooking is a sad mistake

Jamaican Red Stripe Beer is a very important ingredient in the Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe and the Jamaican Jerk Pork recipe. While jerking the food the Red Stripe Beer is sprayed on the meat as a tenderizer adding the unique Red Stripe Beer flavor coupled with the many spices used in the famous Jamaican Jerk recipes.

But that’s not the only use for the Red Stripe beer in Jamaican food recipes; the beer has its uses in many cakes and puddings. In Jamaica’s traditional Jamaican Rum Cake or Pudding recipe, at times Red stripe Beer is substituted for the rum and this recipe is a first to be published and can be found in the Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

So let’s review:

ü        Red Stripe beer is Jamaica’s premier lager beer.

ü        Red Stripe beer has a lighter counter part with less alcohol and calories in the Red Stripe Light Beer.

ü        Red Stripe Beer is used in over 30 Jamaican drink recipes and several regular Jamaican food recipes.

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