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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican Sandwich Recipes

Jamaican burgher, sandwich, loaf and patty recipes are a great and large addition to our Jamaican recipe collection. These recipes are great as Light and Easy recipes and used as Easy Gourmet Recipes as well. Contrary to belief Jamaican burgher, Jamaican sandwich, Jamaican tart and Jamaican patty recipes do not have to use meat. There are three aspects to these types of Jamaican recipes the crust or bread, the filling being used and the seasonings used with both. These Jamaican recipes are so versatile that they are easily the most popular of all Jamaican recipes.

Jamaican Burgher Recipes – These use regular burgher buns. These buns can be purchased at any local supermarket. The burgher bun depending on the Jamaican recipe might be served as is or some other ingredient is added to improve on the taste of the recipe. The bun can be toasted, butter might be used as a spread or spices might be sprinkled on the bun. After you have made the bun then the next important aspect is putting together the filling. Burghers can be meat based or vegetable based. The most popular Jamaican burgher recipes are meat recipes. Jamaican beef, Jamaican pork, Jamaican poultry, Jamaican fish and Jamaican shell fish have become most popular. Leftover Jamaican meat recipes are used frequently in burgher recipes, however if its freshly cooked meat it is the spices added to the meat along with the vegetables used in the burgher that create that unique taste. Jamaican Jerk Burghers are the most popular of the lot. Our flagship e-cookbook Jamaican Jerk Recipes Volume I has over 30 Jamaican Jerk burgher recipes. These include the Jamaican jerked beef, Jamaican jerked chicken, Jamaican jerked pork, Jamaican jerk fish, Jamaican jerk lobster, Jamaican jerk shrimp and Jamaican jerk mutton. The most important aspect of this is that once there is a Jamaican meat recipe, there is a Jamaican burgher recipe to match it. Jamaican Curried Mutton Burger Recipe, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burgher Recipe, Jamaican Escoveitched Fish Burgher Recipe, Jamaican Grill Lobster Burgher Recipe. Along with the burgher meat there are a few added accessories that are used, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise. Along with these accessories other spices can be used such as thyme and pimento. Jerk sauces and other condiments are also popularly used in these recipes. Vegetable burghers or veggie-burghers as they are affectionately known add a new dimension to Jamaican burgher recipes. Some popular recipes using these local vegetables include the Jamaican Ackee Burgher Recipe or the Jamaican Callaloo Burgher Recipe. These are prepared and placed as filling in these burghers. Some of the usual condiments such as mayonnaise are not served with these recipes. Veggie-Burghers are normally associated with healthy recipes that are low in cholesterol.

Jamaican Sandwich Recipes – Sandwich recipes in Jamaican are normally called a ‘Jam-Witch’ or a ‘Nyam-Witch’. These recipes are quick and easy to prepare. The sandwiches can be prepared using regular hard dough breads or what are known as French bread. Hard dough bread is a popular choice with most Jamaican chefs and cooks. This can be either white bread or whole wheat bread. The bread can either be toasted, using a special cheese or butter spread or can be sprinkled with spices. To learn how to make Jamaican hard dough bread in the home kitchen you can download  Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III, which will teach you to make your very own Jamaican bread. Unlike Jamaican burgher recipes most Jamaican sandwiches are not heavily cooked meat based. Jam-Witches use a lot of tinned meat to make these recipes. Tinned meat such as cornet beef, beef meat, chicken breast, pork chops prepared are a popular choice. Sausages are also a great addition to these recipes. The Jam-Witch can be used as an appetizer, the main course and even as a Jamaican dessert recipe. The Bully Beef Jam-Witch is a popular choice that can be served as an appetizer. Cut into small squares the mini sandwiches are served with white hard dough bread with a few peppers, sweet peppers and ketchup. For a main course meal the Jamaican Surf & Turf Nyam-Witch is a great palette. Using escoveitched fillet fish and spiced mince beef along with great sandwich extras, such as lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers are stuffed with ketchup and cheese or mayonnaise (both of which are optional) between two slices of Jamaican white or whole wheat hard dough bread. As a dessert a Jamaican Carrot Cake-Witch is a popular choice. These are mini cake slices that based on how the cake is baked

Jamaican Loaf Recipes – These are not specifically bread loaf recipes. These are recipes that are fillings between baked loaves of bread. These loaves can also be white or whole wheat bread but these breads are usually not toasted or spiced. The filling can be both meat and vegetable based. The most popular in Jamaica has been the meat loaf; this is minced beef with escallion, onion and meat spices. However there are popular Jamaican loafs such as the Jamaican Veggie-Loaf Recipe, the Jamaican Ackee Loaf Recipe, the Jamaican Callaloo Loaf Recipe, the Jamaican Shrimp & Lobster Loaf Recipe, the Jamaican Curried Chicken Loaf Recipe and a host of other loaf recipes that are adored by loaf lovers in Jamaica.

Jamaican Patty Recipes – Patty recipes are similar to previous recipes, however instead of using bread flour crust is used with filling. This is what makes the Jamaican patty recipe that special. The crust does not take that long to prepare using flour, baking powder, vegetable shortening and tomato and annatto coloring as the main ingredients. Patties are so multi purposed that they can be used as a light snack or a great cocktail hors d’ouvre. The most notable aspect about Jamaican patty recipes is the numerous fillings that can be used. Unlike Jamaican burgher, sandwich and loaf recipes, patty recipes come in large and small sizes depending on the size of the crust and can use almost any filling that you can prepare. The most astounding one is the Jamaican liver and kidney patty recipe. There is one mistake not to make when preparing a Jamaican patty recipe, do not make too much gravy with the filling. This will make the crust soggy and distasteful. The best patty recipes in our e-cookbook are the Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

 So let’s review

ü        Jamaican burgher, sandwich, tart and patty recipes are described as Light and Easy recipes and Easy Gourmet Jamaican Recipes.

ü        The bread, buns and crusts used in these recipes can be made in the home kitchen.

ü        The most important aspect of these recipes is the filling being used, as Jamaican meat fillings are the most popular.

ü        Get Jamaica has over 150 Jamaican burgher, sandwich, tart and patty recipes in the Jamaican recipe collection.

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