Jamaican Bananas
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Jamaican Bananas

Jamaican bananas a staple food

If you have ever visited Jamaica you would know that the Jamaican banana is a popular Jamaican staple food. Jamaican banana’s can be easily described as one of the most versatile Jamaican foods that can be used in recipes that span across every category in the Jamaican cuisine. Clarendon is a Jamaican parish that is known for its abundant use of Jamaican bananas, there are over 200 Jamaican banana recipes with at least one half of them originating from the parish of Clarendon. Jamaican farmers in this parish use the banana for Jamaican breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. This article looks on the cultivation of this Jamaican food in this parish.

The Spaldings market in Clarendon, Jamaica sells green Jamaican bananas at a reasonable cost. While in other parts of the island the cost is double prices of the great tasting and versatile Jamaican food since Hurricane Ivan. One of the stark benefits of eating these Jamaican bananas locally produced, that these Jamaican ground provisions do not use any artificial fertilizers. Despite the plight of Jamaican farmers and the devastation of Jamaican banana fields due to heavy rains and Hurricane Ivan.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on the proposed tariff on imported bananas from Jamaica will affect Jamaica farmers in a significant way. The time has come for Jamaican farmers to cease reliance on the whims and fancies of foreign buyers who are not obligated to buy Jamaican food produce. There are some viable alternatives to exporting green Jamaican bananas. With this in mind, Jamaican food producers must take a look at some Jamaican banana by-products that, if produced and marketed right, could provide a way out for Jamaican farmers whose livelihood depend on growing Jamaican bananas.

Nothing can replace Jamaican mackerel rundown recipe with few fingers of soft boiled Jamaican bananas. And somehow, a plate of Jamaican white rice and Jamaican curried goat just seems to taste better with boiled Jamaican bananas on the side. Jamaican mannish water recipe would not be the same without the chunks of boiled-in-the-skin green Jamaican bananas. Think about Jamaican banana chips, Jamaican banana flour, Jamaican banana porridge or even freshly peeled and packaged green bananas and a few tried and proven green banana dishes.

However the focus does not have to be on Jamaican green bananas, ripened bananas are also a great treat that can be used in many Jamaican recipes. Ripened Jamaican bananas can be used to make Jamaican banana fritters, or it can be used to make Jamaican banana ice cream or a luscious Jamaican banana drink. The ripened banana is also very versatile as the green Jamaican banana as it can be mixed with other great tasting Jamaican fruits. Such as Jamaican Mango and Banana Drink Recipe or mixed with the Jamaican Otaheite Apple Drink to create the perfect Jamaican drink recipe.

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