Jamaican Food and nutrition are key for recipes in the Jamaican cuisine.
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Jamaican Food and Nutrition Recipes

Jamaican Recipes And Cuisine Are Rich In Nutrition

Good nutrition is based on consuming Jamaican food and Jamaican food recipes in moderation. It has become so common that we have learned to accept it as self-evident. Very few people (if any) give it a second thought, let alone evaluate it critically. It is parroted every time someone desires to put an end to a discussion about lifestyle choices, especially when the issue of popular Jamaican foods is raised. Most people think that if they eat unhealthy Jamaican foods "in moderation" they will be just fine, because this overused adage is so all-encompassing that it "allows" us to “safely” indulge in numerous addictive Jamaican foods and activities that are highly detrimental to our bodies, our minds, and our environment. This directly benefits large corporations, which spend billions on advertising artificial and disease -- causing Jamaican foods with addictive properties, long shelf life (no other living organisms are interested in it), and high profit margins.

Common Jamaican food ingredients we should feel safe eating in moderation include Jamaican food artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. Other bacteria that contaminate so much of our Jamaican food supply include advanced glycosilated end-products from baking, broiling, frying, and barbequing glycoproteins in Jamaican food meats, Jamaican food cheeses, Jamaican food grains, Jamaica food legumes, and Jamaican food seeds. High levels of acrylamides occur from high-temperature cooking of starchy Jamaican foods. Carcinogenic nitrosamines from animal flesh and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from burning of flesh and other Jamaican food organic matter. Inflammation-promoting arachidonic acids from flesh and Jamaican food dairy products. Refined, concentrated, and processed Jamaican food sweeteners and flours, trans-fats partially-hydrogenated and hydrogenated Jamaican food vegetable oils and rancidity-prone poly-unsaturated fats. Nutrient-depleting stimulants in Jamaican coffee, Jamaican tea and Jamaican cacao beans/chocolate that cumulatively poison the brain, damage energy metabolism, and poison the liver and kidney cells, blocking our ability to detoxify our body effectively.

Each and every one of these (and other) "Jamaican food products" were non-existent nor were they considered "edible" until very recently. Their quantity in our environment is alarming, and some we can't control even if we tried thus, we must control the Jamaican food  we can, while relaxing about those we can't

Whether individually or in devastating Jamaican food combinations similarly to known and unknown drug interactions, they are all proven to cause numerous health dysfunctions and diseases that are now plaguing our society with staggering epidemic statistics never previously encountered. Literally all people over 25 years of age are chronically ill, suffering from eating poorly prepared Jamaican food and Jamaican food recipes leading to various symptoms and losing their vitality, vigor, vibrancy, and enjoyment of life as a result of enjoying Jamaican food in moderation. Cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, developmental disorders, brain fog, depression, anxiety, auto-immune disease, degenerative neurological disorders, and many other syndromes are all directly associated with accumulation of many toxic substances that we ingest in poorly prepared or preserved Jamaican food or breathe, especially when combined with exposure to other substances, stress, radiation, and activities that lead to Jamaican food cellular nutrient depletion.

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