Jamaican recipes are popular in Holiday times, we review these recipes.
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Jamaican Holiday Recipes

Christmas, Easter, Independence, New Years Jamaican Recipes

Jamaican Holiday recipes are like many other holiday recipes from other countries with one major exception. Jamaica is a major tourist destination for North Americans and Europeans and the chefs and cooks in every hotel and restaurant on the famous North and South Coast has prepared traditional American and European holiday recipes with Jamaican preparation methods and using Jamaican herbs and spices.

Jamaica has approximately ten scheduled holidays, New Years Day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labor Day, Emancipation Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Get Jamaica.Com has published the E-Cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III that documents over 250 Jamaican recipes that span over these holidays. Many chefs ask how these holiday recipes came about and what are the secrets behind them.

Jamaican recipes for News Years day were are the smallest category of holidays as the recipes concentrate on one day with three square meals. New Years eve and New Years day recipes are viewed as the same. Most Jamaican household visit their church to ring in the New Year, while others hit the road to celebrate at some other venue. Jamaicans awake to several exciting New Years recipes such as New Year Jamlette (Jamaican Omlette), Ackee Toast, Fried Breadfruit and Ham. Throughout the day regular meals are had and many Jamaican households prepare the meal based on the day that the New Year falls. However Jamaican New Years Drink recipes dominate this category of recipes. Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are all considered Easter holidays and there are two types of Jamaican recipes that dominate this category. These are Jamaican fish recipes and Jamaican Easter bun recipes.

The Jamaican fish recipes are in two popular form, Jamaican Escoveitched fish recipe and Jamaican stuffed roasted fish recipe. The most common fish eaten around this time is the snapper or the parrot fish. These meals have become a true tradition with Jamaicans who partake of the recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The tradition of the Jamaican easter bun & cheese have spread to several other nations which has caused the product to diversify. Get Jamaica.Com has compiled six Easter bun recipes. After the Easter Holidays there is one other holiday that though less important religiously but is celebrated using great Jamaican recipes all the same.

Labor day in the month of may focuses on work being done to beautify home and community. The tradition is to serve a great and healthy Jamaican breakfast recipe to give energy before a long day, and filling Jamaican lunch recipe to keep up the energy and a mouth water Jamaican dinner recipe after a long days work. Recipes such as the Stamp & Go, Janaga, Big Bulli Beef and Rum and Pork are some great Jamaican recipes that are used during the Labor Day holiday.

Emancipation Day and Independence day follow in August and these two holidays boast some of the most famous Jamaican recipes in the Jamaican cuisine repertoire. Emancipation and Independence fall around what is traditionally festival time in Jamaica and this tradition has led to over fifty to sixty new recipes being developed. With all the events, and independence parties popular Jamaican drink recipes have led the way. Next in line are the special lunch recipes, these are featured in most brunches and have become a staple in the north coast resort cities of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Featured in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III we have highlighted over 30 of the mopre popular Jamaican recipes during this festival time. In many ways Festival Recipes have almost dominated holiday recipes being in the middle of the summer time.

In October Jamaica celebrate the National Heroes Day. This is a celebration of the birth and death of individuals who have been named as heroes of the Jamaica for their contribution to the development of Jamaica as a nation. Jamaican recipes have not dedeicated a lot of recipes, but each parish reveres its heroes and in every parish there is a Jamaican recipes for each hero. Get Jamaica.Com has compiled all these recipes and have offered two popular recipes in our Free Recipe Corner. The final Jamaican recipes that fall in this category are recipes during the yuletide season. Get Jamaica.Com has saved the best for last as it pertains to the Jamaican holidays recipes and with over 150 authentic recipes for the Christmas season Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III is the largest collection of yuletide season recipes in the Caribbean. Jamaican drink recipes and Jamaican dinner recipes dominate this collection.

So lets review:

        There is a specific Jamaican recipe for every Jamaican holiday.

        There is a Jamaican recipe for every holiday on the American, British and Canadian calendar.

        Jewish and Muslim holidays celebrated in Jamaican also have Jamaican recipes to go along with the day.

        Jamaican Holiday recipes are the second most popular category of recipes in our Jamaican recipes Collection.

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