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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican salad and sauce recipes

Jamaican salad, sauce and preserve recipes are a popular choice of Jamaican cooks, chefs and homemakers. Together there are over 700 of these recipes in our Jamaican recipe collection. Most Jamaicans adore a good salad with their main course while others dine on salads only. Sauces complement both meat and salad recipes while the preserves are canned fruits and vegetables used in a wide range of recipes.

Jamaican salad recipes if prepared well have the ability to refresh the appetite and make anyone’s taste buds dance. These recipes cannot be surpassed by any other menu item. Jamaican salads which are always memorable is not dominated or wrought with several ingredients. A lot of mixed ingredients cause an intermingling of indistinguishable components that have no distinct or authentic Jamaican taste and leave the guest wondering what they just consumed. Though this is a good trait for Jamaican meat recipes this is not desirable in salad recipes.

Jamaican salads bestow the impression of coolness and refreshment to the palette. The salads prepare the guest for courses to follow, leaving anticipation and exhilaration for all new taste sensations in its wake. It can never be too important to say preparing a salad one must use the freshest, finest ingredients available. However nowhere do inferior products show their ugliness more quickly than those products that are supposed to be fresh. A wilted lettuce or a spoilt otaheite apple leaves a terrible taste in the mouth of your guest and spoils all other menu items to come and sometimes even the ones that you had served before. Grade management in the culinary arts involving choosing the right fruits and vegetables for Jamaican salad recipes, this must be come every cooks, chefs and homemakers specialty in cold food preparation.

Jamaican salad recipes suit every taste and in our e-cookbook Jamaican Salad Recipes Volume I, the wide varieties of recipes are no different. There are Jamaican Salad recipes for hot, cold and frozen salads. Salads recipes in our e-cookbook range from the backyard and picnic recipes to the bistro and classic Jamaican salad recipes. Get Jamaica has placed three great salad recipes in our Jamaican Recipe Collection.

Jamaican Sauce recipes are a very popular category of our Jamaican recipe collection. A chef responsible for preparing sauces is called a saucier. Every saucier know that the sauce prepared by them must be excellent as a stand alone item as well as the fact that it should not overwhelm the food being served with, it should actually complement it. Jamaican sauce recipes are created from scratch and should never be used as an instant. Popular Jamaican sauce recipes such as Jamaican jerk sauce can be purchased in any Jamaican Food Store, however all Jamaican sauces are better in they are built from herbs and spices bought fresh from the market.

There are five major types of Jamaican sauces, Jamaican meat sauces, Jamaican fruit sauces, Jamaican salad sauces or Jamaican salad dressings, Jamaican side dish sauces and Jamaican dips. Jamaican meat sauces accompany great Jamaican meat recipes. These are spread over Jamaican meats either after the before the Jamaican meat recipe is prepared while the meat recipe is being prepare or on the prepared meal. Jamaican fruit sauces, Jamaican salad sauces or dressings are used on Jamaican salad to spice up the taste of these meals. Side dishes include gravies and sauces that accompany side dishes such as Jamaican mashed potatoes, rice and peas and Jamaican roasted breadfruit. Dips include sauces that are used lightly with dry Jamaican foods such as Jamaican breadfruit chips and Jamaican coconut chips. Some popular Jamaican recipes include, Jamaican Jerk Sauce Recipe, Jamaican Salad Dressing Recipe and the Jamaican Hard Sauce Recipe.

Jamaican preserve recipes are another favorite with Jamaican cooks and chefs. Preserve recipes involves harvesting or canning fruits and vegetables to have these when the fruit or vegetable is out of season. It is imperative that the fruits and vegetables used in Jamaican preserve recipes must be fresh. None of the Jamaican fruits and vegetables should have blemishes and bruises. Bruises causes flavor distortion which will be enhanced during the preservation process. Ensure that the Jamaican fruits are washed well before they are preserved.

Combining Jamaican exotic fruits with the more traditional fruits create a new and tasty combination. Mixing Jamaican papayas, Jamaican mangoes, Jamaican star apples and Jamaican guava along with Jamaican apples and Jamaican bananas will create great Jamaican jams, jellies and marmalades.

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