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Jamaican Articles - Jamaican Indian Recipes

As diverse the Jamaican culture so is the Jamaican cuisine. The Indian culture has also helped to diversify the Jamaican cuisine and add new and exciting Jamaican recipes to an already massive collection. It is also noteworthy that at African recipes and Indian recipes are very similar as both use a lot of spices and herbs. Indigenous Jamaican herbs and spices have been added to traditional Indian recipes that have given them a new and exciting taste that has now been lauded by professional chefs, cooks and housewives alike. One major example is the Jamaican curried goat recipe which uses a massive amount of Jamaican herbs and spices that sweeten the taste. This article explores common Indian food that is used in Jamaican recipes. There are several Indian foods that are widely recognized and commonly used in Indian-Jamaican cooking.

Appam: Wafer thin, round and flat. They are usually made out of Jamaican rice, Jamaican potato and/or various Jamaican lentil flours.

Barfi: A dessert made from milk that has been cooked slowly and reduced to a fudge-like consistency. This sweet is flavored with either saffron, vanilla essence, cocoa, rose water, etc. Sometimes nuts and fresh coconut are added.

Jamaican Basmati rice: Basmati rice is authentic Indian long grained white rice with a unique nutty flavor. This is prepared using Jamaican seasonings and Jamaican herbs and spices.

Bhel Puri: One of Jamaica’s favorite snacks. It is a mixture of puffed Jamaican rice, "sev", "puri", lentils, finely chopped Jamaican onions, chopped coriander topped with two kinds of Jamaican chutneys; sweet Jamaican tamarind chutney or spicy Jamaican onion chutney.

Biryani: Elaborate Indian-Jamaican dish made from spiced saffron Jamaican rice cooked with pieces of  Jamaican jerked chicken or vegetables.

Chappati: Unleavened Indian-Jamaican  flat-bread made with wheat flour, water, oil and salt. Usually cooked on a "tava" or thick griddle and brushed with ghee.

Chai: Indian-Jamaican tea, made from an assortment of Jamaican tea leaves

Chutney: Fresh relishes made with Jamaican fruits, Jamaican vegetables, and Jamaican herbs.

Daal: Daal is an Indian word, which includes Jamaican dried peas, Jamaican beans, and lentils which are red, yellow orange, or pink, plus split peas and other legumes. Daal can also be used to describe a Jamaican soup like dish prepared with lentils.

Ekuri: Indian-Jamaican version of scrambled eggs with Jamaican onions and Jamaican spices.

Gulab Jamun: Deep-fried Jamaican cake balls served with aromatic Jamaican syrups.

Halva: Indian sweet made from a variety of finely grated Jamaican vegetables, milk, sugar and flavored with Jamaican cinnamon. The consistency is that of a thick Jamaican pudding recipe.

Idli: Steamed Jamaican rice cakes. A very popular snack for Indians in Jamaica and is generally eaten with chutney.

Kababs: Marinated and spiced small pieces of any Jamaican meat, poultry, fish, ground meat, vegetables, skewered and grilled in an oven or over a grill. Jamaican kebabs can also be shallow fried over a pan.

Kheer: Essentially a Jamaican rice pudding, made with Jamaican rice, milk and sugar flavored with Jamaican cinnamon. Sometimes Jamaican peanuts are added. Served either hot or cold.

Koftas: Spiced Jamaican meat or vegetable balls.

Korma: Indian-Jamaican rich sauce thickened with Jamaican yogurt and crushed Jamaican peanuts.

Kulcha: Flatbread often stuffed with Jamaican onion or Jamaican potatoes and seasoned with cilantro.

Kulfi: Sweet, aromatic Jamaican ice cream made from cream, milk, and sugar flavored with Jamaican mango.

Masala: Jamaican spices, herbs and other seasonings ground or pounded together. When wet ingredients like water, vinegar, yogurt etc. are added to the Jamaican spice mixture it is appropriately called a wet masala. Dry spice mixtures are called Jamaican curry powder.

Mutter Paneer: Curried Jamaican peas with cubes of fried homemade Jamaican cheese.

Naan: Indian-Jamaican flat bread made from wheat and baked in an oven.

Paratha: Wholewheat unleavened Jamaican flatbread. It is sometimes filled with cooked ground Jamaican meat or a Jamaican vegetable mixture.

Papad: Thin wafer like discs about 4 to 8 inches in diameter made from a variety of Jamaican, potato, Jamaican shrimp, rice etc. The discs are deep fried or dry roasted on an open flame and served as a crispy savory Jamaican appetizer recipe.

Pulao: Delicately flavored Jamaican rice, sautéed in ghee and flavored with whole spices like Jamaican pimento, Jamaican cloves etc.

Puris: Deep-fried whole-wheat Jamaican flatbreads. They are usually around 4 inches in diameter and puff up when deep-fried.

Saag Curry: Aromatic Jamaican curried dish made from greens.

Samosa: Deep-fried pastry Jamaican appetizers filled with Jamaican vegetable or Jamaican meat mixtures.

Tandoor: The traditional Indian clay oven is called the "Tandoor". A Tandoor is a clay pot usually sunken neck deep in the ground. Charcoal is put on the flat bottom of the pot. The heat generated by the hot charcoal in and on the sides of the clay pot is used for cooking. This is commonly used in the rural areas of Jamaica to make some great tasting Jamaican food recipes.

Tikka: Skewered boneless Jamaican meat cubes cooked in a tandoor.

Vindaloo: Jamaican meat, usually pork, is used to make this very spicy and flavorful dish. Cooked in vinegar and typically served 2 to 3 days after it is made.

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