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Jamaican Articles - Low Calorie and Carb Jamaican recipes

Before we start to examine how many calories are in Jamaican foods and which Jamaican recipes are the most exotic with the lowest calorie intake, we need to define what a calorie and what a vitamin is. A calorie is actually a measure of the heat and energy produced by food when used by the human body. Walking, jogging, running and any physical exertion uses up energy, that these Jamaican foods give to the body. When it becomes cold, the human body automatically generates natural body heat; this is based also on calories that the body uses. However consumption of foods does not produce added energy it actually stores all this energy as fat and added body weight. The logic is a reduction in the consumption of Jamaican foods and recipes with high calorie intake will result ion a reduction or loss of weight. Vitamins found in Jamaican foods and recipes are chemical compounds of definite composition. Since each vitamin has a specific function in promoting good health an adequate amount of each vitamin daily intake is essential. An insufficient amount of any one vitamin over an extended period can lead to a definitive disease which can be cured only by supplying the vitamin or vitamins lacking.

Along with calories and vitamins the body must also consume needed minerals. These minerals are also found in Jamaican food and recipes. Combined these contribute to the good nutrition of the individual. Jamaican food and recipes contribute very much to mineral intake, such as high levels of calcium, phosphorous, iron and copper. There are some requirements in consuming Jamaican food, Jamaican milk and milk recipes should be consumed at least at a quart per day. If you are lactose intolerant, a Soya based alternative can be used. For Jamaican fruits and vegetables 4 to 5 or more servings per day, with one daily serving of potatoes or citrus fruits, 1 serving daily of leafy, green or yellow vegetables and 1 daily serving of soft fruit. Jamaican meat, poultry or fish recipes should be consumed at least 3-4 times per week. Jamaican egg recipes should be consumed about 2-3 times per week for an adult and 4-5 times per week for a child. Jamaican recipes that have cereals and bread, or any other fiber based foods should be consumed daily and almost at every meal if possible. Get Jamaica cannot stress the importance of regular exercise when eating a strong and healthy meal. We recommend Jamaican recipes that will allow you to access a balanced diet. It must be noted however that depending on how Jamaican recipes are prepared will determine how effective they are in consuming and how they assist your diet.

Low Calorie Intake with balanced vitamins and minerals 600 calorie a day diet. This Jamaican diet supports someone who does not do a lot of physical labor. This individual should do just the basic of walking just about to 1 mile per day. This can be in the office or some one who walks to the bus stop or to the subway. This diet would not suit someone going to the gym regularly. Though this has approximately 600 calories for the day you should always endeavor to get in as much exercise as possible

Breakfast Meals: Jamaican callaloo steamed and toasted bread recipe, Jamaican ackee & boiled saltfish on roasted breadfruit. Drink at least 1 cups of mango drink with or cup of ginger tea.

Lunch Meal: Jamaican red peas soup, serving of Jamaican brown stewed chicken, 1 2 pound steamed fish recipe-served with raw vegetables.

Dinner Meal: Jamaican vegetable salad, Jamaican fruit salad, Jamaican Rasta mans dinner recipe.

Drink recipes: Jamaican beetroot drink, Jamaican carrot drink, Jamaican June plum drink.

Medium Calorie Intake with balanced meals and vitamins 1,000 calories a day diet. This Jamaican diet is specifically for individuals who do a lot of gym work and or exert a lot more physical energy than the regular person. The major aim of this diet is to us the Jamaican recipes to deliver the needed calories on a daily basis along with the nutriments in vitamins and minerals to sustain the body. This means that a lot of liquid can be used.

Breakfast Meals: Jamaican Liver or Kidney and boiled bananas and boiled dumplings recipe, Fruit Salad Melon, Jamaican otaheite apple, Jamaican bananas, Jamaican mango, Jamaican june plum, Jamaican grapefruit slices.

Lunch Meal: Jamaican grapefruit delight recipe, 2 pound Jamaican escoveitched fish recipe with bammies, serving of Jamaican roasted chicken.

Dinner Meal: Jamaican vegetable salad, Jamaican fruit salad, Jamaican Nutri-Salad recipe

Drink recipes: Jamaican tangelo (tangerine) drink, Jamaican grapefruit drink, and Jamaican soursop drink.

High Calorie Intake with balanced meals and vitamins, with minerals. 2,000 calories a day diet. This diet is designed for the person who either works in a job where he or she uses a lot of manual labor or an individual who exercises a lot or is actually an athlete who does a lot of training day in day out. These Jamaican recipes are jam packed with calories that provide the needed energy on a daily basis as well as the needed vitamins and minerals that will sustain an individual on a daily basis.

Breakfast Meals: Jamaican brown stewed chicken and boiled dumplings, Jamaican mackerel rundown with boiled bananas, Jamaican fish tea with broiled shrimps recipe. Drink 2 cups soursop juice.

Lunch Meal: Jamaican chicken salad recipes, Jamaican jerk fish recipe, Jamaican jerk pork recipe, festivals and bammies.

Dinner Meal: Jamaican red peas soup recipe, Jamaican mannish water recipe, and Jamaican beef soup recipe.

Drink recipes: Jamaican sarsaparilla roots drink, Jamaican big bamboo drink, Jamaican soursop and beet drink recipe.

These are only examples of some great Jamaican menus that can be used to increase or decrease calorie intake depending on the work rate of the particular individual. Get Jamaica has put together these Jamaican recipes that will allow you to still have authentic great tasting Jamaican recipes, along with needed vitamins and minerals.

So lets review:

         Calories and vitamins are found in every Jamaican recipe.

        Jamaican recipes should be balanced with good taste and adequate calories, minerals and vitamins.

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