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Jamaican Articles - More Jamaican Travel Tips.

Here are a few tips to learn when booking your trip to Jamaica.

Be sure to compare prices when shopping online. Many Jamaican hotels offer discounts for online transactions. Sites such as,, and have arrangements with most Jamaican hotels, Jamaican villas, Jamaican destinations and Jamaican guest houses. Name your own price on with Jamaican holiday travel, if your trip dates are set in stone--it offers no refunds. Call the Jamaican hotel directly during its office hours on a workday. That's when you're most likely to find a Jamaican agent who knows the best Jamaican travel deals and Jamaican travel packages and actually has the clout to give them to you. Ask whether there are special Jamaican travel rates or if a membership AAA, frequent flier entitles you to a further flight discount.

Air Jamaica also has the 7th Heaven which allows each traveller to get additional travel miles that can be used to reduce air fare, upgrade your ticket and get free travel tickets to Jamaica. Sometimes discounts are available for both International and Jamaican military or government employees, or even for just using a certain credit card both Jamaican or internationally issued.. Those are the kind of deals only get Jamaica travel agents will normally tell you about. Beware of hidden costs.

 Jamaican taxes, surcharges, Jamaican resort and other incidental fees tacked onto your bill are common and rarely mentioned until you check out. Ask if there are any extra charges on the agreed Jamaican hotel room rate before you book your reservation: If they are tacked on without your prior approval, refuse to pay. You're more likely to get what you want be it a better rate, a suite upgrade or Jamaican breakfast if you make a friendly connection.  If the Jamaican hotel is full, ask for nearby alternatives. Also consider frequent stay programs to earn free nights at the current hotel and other Jamaican hotels. If you're traveling with family, ask if another Jamaican hotel suite is cheaper than adjoining Jamaican hotel rooms. Find out the exact date a Jamaican hotel's off-season rates start. If your confirmation doesn't specify late arrival, some Jamaican hotels will give away rooms after a short grace period, even if they have a deposit.

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