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Jamaican Articles - More about Jamaican Spice Recipes

All Jamaican recipes use at least one Jamaican spice or Jamaican herb in how it is prepared which gives the dish that distinct and authentic Jamaican taste. Get Jamaica.Com has compiled the full list of herbs and spices used in the Jamaican recipes. It must be noted however that no chef should attempt to use too much of any Jamaican spice or Jamaican herb in any one dish. It will take away from the combination taste that is so important to making that great Jamaican recipe.

Get Jamaica.Com has put together the top ten Jamaican seasoning and Jamaican herbs and has elaborated on how best to use these seasonings in Jamaican recipe preparations. Onions, Escallion, Thyme, Pimento, Garlic, Ginger, Green Peppers, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves

Jamaican Onions: Onions are used in Jamaican recipes not just for taste and flavor, but for presentation as well. To get the full taste of the Jamaican onion in any one of the Jamaican recipes the onion must be placed after the meal has been cooked. This means that it is placed when seasoning of the meal is being done. Let us use the Jamaican Oxtail recipe for example, the best  method of preparation for this recipe is to tenderize the Jamaican meat to the desired level, then cook the meal down with the Jamaican herbs and spices to give it its desired taste. When Jamaican onions are added to this meal they are added as rings and not diced and cooked down for no more than 15-20 minutes. However when using Jamaican onions in dishes such as the Jamlette onions are diced almost to the point that they are not seen.

Jamaican Escallion: More commonly known as the skellion, this local stalk not indigenous to Jamaica, is specifically used as a spice seasoning. The Jamaican escallion is mainly used in Jamaican meat recipes. What most Jamaican cooks and Jamaican chefs don’t know is that the stalk of the escallion does not contain much of the Jamaican spice taste, the leaf of the Jamaican spice is the main source. This Jamaican spice is not used for presentation, it is mainly used as what is called an ‘over night spice’. Jamaican spices such as these are applied to the meat at least one night before preparation. The potency of the Jamaican spice is evident as it is not used in Jamaican recipes where its taste would spoil the dish.

Jamaican Thyme: Pronounced tyme, this seasoning is a must in Jamaican recipes.

So lets review:

ü        Jamaican recipes and remedies are linked through the use of natural herbs some indigenous to Jamaica.

ü        Jamaican remedy recipes are mainly used in improving virility, stamina and fertility in both Jamaican men and women.

ü        Jamaican remedy recepies were developed mainly in the deep rural areas of Jamaica and are still prevalent today.

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