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Jamaican Articles - New Kingston Jamaican Hub

The heart of Jamaica’s uptown - a pulsating Jamaican urban centre piece dominated by high rise Jamaican financial buildings bounded by Trafalgar Road, Half Way Tree Road and Old Hope Road. It is likely that your Jamaican hotel will be located here - and it's a good area too, for Jamaican restaurants and bars. You can also easily walk to all the most interesting sights from here. This busy quarter about a mile west of New Kingston used to be a tiny Jamaican village, dominated by the parish church of St Andrew. It's one of the oldest churches in Jamaica, a tranquil,17th century redbrick building with delicate stained glass, and marble wall tablets commemorating Jamaican civil servants and English soldiers. Jamaica’s Half Way Tree's central plaza is now a busy Jamaican shopping area, was where Jamaican farmers would rest as they traveled towards the city's main markets. The eponymous Jamaican cotton tree under which they rested has long since gone - but a clock tower now stands in its place, erected in the early 19th century as a memorial to the British King, Edward V11.

 East of Half Way Tree, and you hit Jamaica’s Devon House on Hope Road where you can get a guided tour. This impressive edifice was built in 1881 by Jamaica's first black millionaire- it has fine landscaped grounds where you can stop for a snack or a drink and the tour of the Jamaican Devon house is well worth considering. Half a mile up Hope Road brings you to Jamaica House used as the Jamaican Prime Minister's office, and Jamaica’s King's House the official home of the Jamaican governor-general. You can get a tour of the staterooms in this impressively restored 19th century Jamaican house; more interestingly the governess occasionally holds afternoon teas, as part of Jamaica's successful Meet the People program. The Jamaican Tourist Board can provide assistance for more information, or Jamaican hotel reservations. Hope Road is also home to the much-vaunted Bob Marley Museum, Jamaican Hope Botanical Gardens and Jamaican Coconut Park the latter, a haven for kids, with great rides and a small zoo housing lions, the Jamaican mongoose and monkeys. You can drive into the Jamaican Blue Mountains from Hope Road or at least going up onto Skyline Drive - a road noted for its stunning views over the city and across the Jamaican harbor to Port Royal. You can get there by following Barbican Road to its northernmost edges - then join Jack's Hill Road and then onto Skyline Drive.

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