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Jamaican Articles - Nutrition and Jamaican food

Nutrition includes the human body obtaining the correct vitamins to keep the body moving at optimal levels and this is directly related to the food that we consume. Jamaican food recipes over the years have proven a great source of athletic nutrition and in every aspect of the Jamaican cuisine healthy Jamaican food can be found. In almost every Jamaican recipe a vegetable or fruit is used. These Jamaican fruits and Jamaican vegetables are naturally grown. This article explores the most healthy Jamaican food recipes.

Though there are some great tasting recipes, all recipes must be well balanced to ensure that the intake is beneficial. Jamaican recipes are usually well balanced and there are some key factors to look at when preparing Jamaican recipes other than just taste when preparing for the athletic and health conscious.

Even if you attempt to eat some Jamaican recipes before playing any sport and there seems ample time to digest the food the problem is that fried Jamaican recipes are high in fats and fats are hard to digest such as Jamaican fried chicken recipes. That leads to sluggish performances.

No matter the sport, proper nutrition with Jamaican food recipes is essential. Carbohydrates and fluids are mandatory to an athlete's daily diet because they are involved in training actively. Athletes therefore need to Jamaican drink recipes with Jamaican fruit and vegetable juices to supply water, carbohydrates and minerals. When you sweat, you lose a lot of minerals to replace that, you need the Jamaican fruit and vegetable juices. You also need lots of Jamaican spring water. Fluids prevents dehydration. Watery foods such as Jamaican water melons, Jamaican apples, grapes and Jamaican soup recipes also provide fluids and replenish some of the minerals that an athlete loses in perspiration.

If an athlete's urine is very dark, it indicates that the athlete is not taking in enough fluid. Jamaican fruit juices contains a lot of this nutrient and is ideal to be drunk after and before performances.

Athletes can have Jamaican sodas, such as Jamaican Ting Soda, but it's usually best after performing or training. After game, soft drinks and high complex carbohydrate Jamaican drink recipes are good to supply fluid and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates found in Jamaican drink recipes which are sugars and starches, is important to an athlete's diet because it replaces lost energy.

Athletes can overeat or over drink Jamaican recipes. Some Jamaican recipes that are aimed to provide certain minerals and nutrients to help the development of the body, are actually giving excess. Proteins in Jamaican recipes help to build muscles, while the calcium in the Jamaican recipes is good for the bones. Proteins help to repair muscles so after performance you need to have the right combination of proteins to by consuming a great Jamaican food recipe to repair muscles and other body tissues. Athletes should ensure that they eat three Jamaican meals a day which contain the basic Jamaican food groups. For example, Jamaican cornmeal porridge combined with oat wheat bread and Jamaican vegetables.

Athletes need to consume an average of about 2,500 calories per day, although this varies depending on the type of sport.

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