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Jamaican Articles - Preparing Jamaican beef to be cooked

Jamaican beef recipes are used and prepared mainly on a Tuesday traditionally. This is also derived from a tradition passed down by generations of eating Jamaican beef on a Tuesday. It is imperative that Jamaican beef and veal is seasoned and prepared before being used in any Jamaican recipe. There are four types of popular Jamaican beef in Jamaica, steak, veal, minced Jamaican beef and corned Jamaican beef. To prepare these Get Jamaica has put together several hints on how to prepare Jamaican beef.

Allow the Jamaican beef to defrost naturally.

After removing the Jamaican beef from the refrigerator or deep freezer, most chefs place the Jamaican beef in water or set it in a microwave oven to be defrosted. This is actually not the best way to do this. Primarily, leaving the Jamaican beef in water makes the Jamaican beef water logged or soaked. Jamaican recipes require a lot of seasonings and spices if the Jamaican beef is water logged the seasonings cannot penetrate the Jamaican beef and the seasonings will not soak in. Secondly using a microwave will dry out the Jamaican beef leaving it too dry and trashy. This will detract from the taste of the Jamaican beef and will not allow the seasonings to sit in the Jamaican beef. Place the Jamaican beef in an air tight container and allow to defrost throwing off the water occasionally, to ensure that soaking does not take place.

Clean and wash the Jamaican beef properly.

Before preparing any Jamaican beef recipe, the Jamaican beef must be cleaned by washing. To wash the Jamaican beef both vinegar and water must be used in combination. An Ecoli bacterium is commonplace in Jamaican beef and veal cuts, which means cleaning the Jamaican beef is key. Though some chefs do employ this practice they do not follow through to the second and as important factor of allowing the Jamaican beef to dry. Before doing anything else the Jamaican beef must be allowed to stand in an airtight container to dry. Drying can take up to 12 15 minutes. This is imperative as it can affect the final taste of the Jamaican recipe.

Always use key seasonings.

There are three seasonings that must be used when preparing any Jamaican beef recipe. The first is garlic. Garlic being a natural anti-biotic adds to diminishing the threat of ecoli presence and also adds a natural flavor to the recipe. It can be used to desired taste or used just enough in the Jamaican recipe that it is not tasted at all in the final recipe. The second key seasoning is salt. Salt is not always used as there can be both medical and religious reasons why. However salt adds flavor and removes what is known as that fresh taste. The third and final key seasoning is black pepper powdered seasoning. This seasoning is used sparsely to add a preliminary peppered or spice taste.

Once you have prepared and seasoned the Jamaican beef Jamaican meat then its time to prepare the Jamaican recipe. The best recipes are light Jamaican beef recipes. These recipes wont take two to three hours to prepare but in just about 30 45 minutes you will have a great Jamaican beef recipe ready for the serving. To accomplish this lighter cooking recipes such as Jamaican peppered steak Recipe and Jamaican mince Jamaican beef Recipes can be used. Jamaican beef does take a while to cook especially if you do not have the requisite material. There are two ways to go about preparing these recipes by braising and/or broiling. Braising is a method of cooking by moist heat. To braise it, brown the Jamaican meat then cook it down with specially made sauce to a simmer checking the Jamaican meat occasionally to ensure that the Jamaican meat becomes soft. Broiling involves cooking by direct heat, done over by hot coals (a method used by the Jamaican maroons) or under a flame or under an electric unit. Veal is not usually prepared in this way as to broil requires a good amount of fat and because veal does not have it this usually makes the veal Jamaican meat burn.

It is however imperative to note that using a pressure cooker can dramatically reduce the recipe preparation time. This is why it is key to have these kitchen tools at your disposal. To make great recipe preparations for your guests. Get Jamaica has over 400 Jamaican beef recipes in the Jamaican Recipe Collection. We have taken the liberty of recommending our top ten Jamaican beef recipes which should add a bright spark to your Tuesday evenings.

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So lets review:

         Jamaicans prepare Jamaican beef recipes on a Tuesday based on tradition from as far as 1750.

        Jamaican beef must be well seasoned and prepared in order to get the best tasting recipe.

        Jamaican beef recipes prepared on a Tuesday should be a light recipe if not employ the use of a pressure cooker.

       Get Jamaica has over 400 Jamaican beef recipes in its Jamaican Recipe Collection.

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