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Jamaican Articles -Protein in Jamaican Fish Recipes

Jamaican fish recipes has always been a favorite protein source for bodybuilders, Jamaican food dieters, and other athletes. Cheap, fast and portable Jamaican fish recipes comes in convenient sizes, low in fat and a great source of protein and omega-3 essential fats. A regular Jamaican fish recipe can contain up to about 30g protein, 1g carbs, 0 fats per 100gm. This means that consuming just one Jamaican fish recipe a day can increase your protein intake by 30g. You may also want to look for Jamaican fish recipes in brine or spring water.

Other healthy and great tasting Jamaican fish recipes include Jamaican fish with bammy or the steamed Jamaican fish recipes such as Port Royal steamed Jamaican fish, Jamaican fish burgher recipes, curry Jamaican fish, Jamaican fish recipes in jerk sauce. These Jamaican fish recipes usually have little or no fat and added sugar which is healthy especially in a Jamaican fish sandwich recipe. Though many children shy from Jamaican fish recipes it is an easy way of increasing your child’s daily protein intake without any messy cooking, extensive preparation and economical. Jamaican fish recipes are so diverse that it is almost impossible to get tired of Jamaican fish recipes. In fact our flagship Jamaican cookbook has well over 100 Jamaican fish recipes.

To add variety, you may want to alternate consuming Jamaican fish recipes with another Jamaican meat such as Jamaican chicken breast recipes or Jamaican beef recipes to avoid getting sick tired of the fish taste. Jamaican fish recipes is also an easy to prepare Jamaican meals, preparing a Jamaican fish recipe is thawing, seasoning, cooking and in less than 15 minutes serving. Add a bit of vinegar and the Jamaican fish recipe can safely stay overnight. Jamaican fish recipes are not necessarily a solid meal, there is the Jamaican fish tea recipe that you drink like a protein shake. This is almost like a Jamaican fish soup recipe or a Jamaican fish broth recipe. Making Jamaican fish recipes a regular part of your diet – you should read our article how to prepare Jamaican fish recipes and ensure that you follow the rules of handling the Jamaican fish before beginning to cook these recipes.

If your are a lover of fish recipes, careful examination of just how to season the Jamaican fish recipe will be the difference between a great tasting recipe and an average tasting Jamaican recipe. Using the key Jamaican seasonings of black pepper, salt and garlic will help to bring out the true flavor of the fish especially if the fish is fresh water fish. Jamaican fish recipes are geared for fish directly from the sea and not for fresh water fish. But the taste can be heightened in Jamaican fresh water fish recipes by soaking the fish in salted water for just about an hour. Jamaican fish recipes can use the following preparation methods, barbeque, jerking, brown stewing, fry or escovitch, baking, curry, fricassee, broil and grilling. Jamaican fish recipes don’t take a long time to prepare and the more you prepare these the more protein is taken from the Jamaican fish recipe. One should try to avoid cooking Jamaican fish recipes for too long for this very reason.

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