Learn about Jamaican recipes that use spicy and hot peppers when being prepared.
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Jamaican Articles - Spicy Hot Jamaican Recipe

Learn the true art of Jamaican recipes and spices

Most Jamaican cooks and chefs wonder exactly why some Jamaican recipes are considered flaming hot. Some individuals love to spice up their meals while there are just some Jamaican recipes that are not served without a host of Jamaican seasonings and Jamaican hot peppers to go along with it. Get Jamaica.Com has listed the most potent of the Jamaican peppers and Jamaican sauces that they are used to make, along with some of the more popular Jamaican recipes to go along with these peppers and sauces.

The Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper comes in three different forms, the green, red and yellow scotch bonnet. To learn more about the peppers visit our Jamaican Food Glossary. The green Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper is used mainly to add flavor to Jamaican soup recipes. The peppers are added to the Jamaican soup recipes and then carefully removed before they burst. The heat almost sucks out the peppery flavor and creates that almost pepper pot taste to the soup. The most dangerous aspect of using the green Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper in the soup is if it bursts. This will make the soup inedible as the soup would be just too peppery to consume.

The red and yellow Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers are a major ingredient in most Jamaican recipes, especially Jamaican Jerk recipes. The red is usually termed the hotter of the two peppers, but some Jamaican cooks or chefs might disagree. Using either pepper in Jamaican recipes the pepper outer flesh is cut or diced and spread over as seasoning on the meat. The flavor now soaks into the Jamaican meat giving it the hot flavor taste. Both peppers are so potent that unlike other Jamaican herbs and spices that are used in most Jamaican recipes, you dont actually have to season the meat overnight. At least one hour before cooking is good enough.

In creating hot sauces such as Jamaican Jerk sauce and different gravies, the pepper can be used by dumping it into the pot and then removing it after about 20 minutes. Much like the green Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper you must ensure that the pepper does not burst. Some great Jamaican recipes that this is used in are the Jamaican Oxtail Recipe, Jamaican Steam Fish Recipe, Jamaican Jerk Sauce Recipe and the Jamaican Brown Stew Fish Recipe. Island Oven. Com has added all these recipes in our e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

The other Jamaican peppers used by some Jamaican chefs in their recipes are called Jamaican Bird Peppers or small red peppers. These peppers are used sparsely in most Jamaican recipes; the reasoning being is the potency of the bird pepper. The Jamaican pepper is used in some dishes such as Jamaican Coolie Town Curried Mutton and occasionally used in pepper flavored wines. Get Jamaica.Com does not use these peppers in any of the Jamaican recipes we have in our Jamaican e-cookbook.

Jamaican recipes that use these peppers are characterized by the fact that they are all high seasoned meat recipes and are mainly Jamaican Jerk or Jamaican curried. The green Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers are used in some of the Jamaican soup recipes such as the Jamaican Beef Soup Recipe, Jamaican Fish Tea, and Jamaican Pepper pot Soup Recipe, Red Peas Soup Recipe, Jamaican Mannish Water Recipe and several others. All these recipes and more are also in our Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

Outside of the Jamaican soup recipes other strong meat based Jamaican recipes use the red & yellow scotch bonnet peppers. The Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe, Jamaican Jerk Pork Recipe, Jamaican Curried Mutton Recipe, Jamaican Curried Chicken Recipe and the Jamaican Oven Pork Chops Recipe.

Many Jamaican chefs get the wrong impression of what are called green peppers. Jamaican green peppers though a part of the pepper tree family does not carry the hot flavor taste. These are usually a decorative seasoning. The green pepper is not added to the meat as a seasoning but added to the meal while making the gravy or spread all over the meat when served. In fact some individuals actually consume the Jamaican green pepper as is and will actually enjoy it tremendously.

So lets review

        Jamaican recipes use four types of peppers, green, red and yellow scotch bonnet peppers along with what are called bird peppers.

        Jamaican recipes use mainly the scotch bonnet peppers and rarely use the bird peppers.

        Jamaican green peppers are not hot peppers but are used as a decorative seasoning.

        Jamaican recipes utilize peppers, in mainly Jamaican soup and meat based recipes.

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