Jamaican cookbook is very important when preparing Jamaican recipes.
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Jamaican Articles - Spotting a good Jamaican Cookbook

Learn what to look for in a good Jamaican cookbook

Before we tell what you should actually look for in a Jamaican cookbook, it is imperative to know what to look for in any Jamaican cookbook. There are several aspects, the primary being authenticity of the recipes being used. Most Jamaican cookbooks fall short of the mark of a true Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbook because they lack authentic Jamaican recipes. The second aspect of a Jamaican cookbook is the level of simplicity. This means that all users can understand instructions given by the book. The Jamaican cookbook must have personality in the way that it is being delivered. The book must use stable ingredients. A Jamaican cookbook that does not use stable ingredients or does not give examples where hard to get ingredients can be accessed has failed in delivering easy to access ingredients.

In addition every Jamaican cookbook must deliver useful information in the form of measuring or conversion tables, cooking tables, an effective food glossary, a vitamin chart, a calorie chart and other helpful tips and hints. A detailed index of recipes and food must also be included. This will assist any user of the Jamaican cookbook to locate recipes by ingredients, food types and or even vitamins present in each food type. Island Oven has included the most elaborate Jamaican food glossary on the internet, along with the largest collection of Jamaican recipes whether published in hard back or on the internet.

Though our Jamaican recipe collection will soon be available in hard back we have decided to leave it in soft copy due to the large number of recipes that exist and the difficulty it would take to maneuver through the collection if it was hard copy.

The Authenticity of a Jamaican Recipe cookbook.

Every Jamaican Recipe Jamaican cookbook must have as much authentic Jamaican recipes as possible. The recipes should have their culinary roots in the homes of the Jamaican people. Most Jamaican chefs and cooks know that it might be difficult to state that some recipes are indigenous when they are similar to recipes used in other countries. However what we have realized is that Jamaican recipes might not use spices and herbs that are only grown in Jamaica, but it is how these spices are used and blended together that makes the difference. It must be noted that some recipes though all authentic Jamaican recipes can be prepared in several different ways. A primary example is the preparation of fish recipes. In Jamaica, Steamed Fish Recipes are prepared using different ingredients in Port Royal, Hellshire, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril. This is due to the individuals who live in these parishes and their historical methods used to prepare this dish. Every Jamaican cookbook should show the distinction and offer all Jamaican recipes to their users to attempt on their own.

Get Jamaica.Com has created our Jamaican recipe collection by visiting all parishes across Jamaica and interviewing natives that have lived in that parish for well over a decade and have learned the historical methods of preparing certain traditional recipes. This has allowed us to amass our recipe collection of over 3,000 authentic Jamaican recipes.

The Simplicity of a Jamaican Recipe Jamaican cookbook.

Delivering recipes can be a complicated task. However, the idea of every Jamaican cookbook is to express unique and creative flair in all areas of cookery. Despite classic recipes or regular down home family cookery, in a modern presentation, every recipe should be delivered in a simple language to understand. By using simple words and easy references, telling how many servings can be gotten from each recipe adds to the level of simplicity of a Jamaican cookbook. The collection must be useable delicious recipes that will become a standard in anyone’s kitchen, from the homemaker to the professional Jamaican cook or Jamaican chef. Using a step by step approach to presenting the recipes along with other notable information is key when presenting the recipes. Not only is the simplicity in presentation of the ingredients and preparation methods of grave importance but the simplicity of how to present the meal will make a very big difference as well. This can be done by showing images and pictures of the meals that will assist the cook or chef in presenting the meal after preparation.

The Personality of the Jamaican cookbook

The personality of a Jamaican recipe cookbook is as apparent as it is important. It is composed of known and stable ingredients along with new and unknown recipes which are as accessible and easy to prepare as the known ones. This along with information must have a slight touch of humor. The flair for cooking as well as clever ideas in methods of preparation and serving create the style of the Jamaican cookbook. This adds to the personality of the Jamaican cookbook. Let us assume every recipe and its method of preparation and serving leads to a glamorous finish and serving style, this makes even the most simple of recipes being served as a professionally prepared recipe even if it was done in a homemaker’s kitchen.

Normally the personality of a Jamaican cookbook is a reflection of the personality of the author. This is not going to be the case in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III and the other 34 e-Jamaican cookbooks in the Jamaican recipe collection, presented by Island Oven. This is because all the recipes were taken from cooks and chefs all across Jamaica. There was no one individual that contributed more than 40 recipes at a time. This has added to the flair that we have taken over 80 Jamaican chefs and Jamaican cooks from across Jamaica to create the massive collection.

The Use of Stable Ingredients

This means using ingredients that are easily accessible to all the potential users and reader of the Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbook. For the most part Jamaican recipes do not use any ingredients that are extremely difficult to get. Most Jamaican meats can be gotten at the supermarket of the butcher’s shop, while most of the common side dishes can be gotten at the closest market or supermarket. Other ingredients such as jerk spices, pimento spice, ginger spice, ackees, cassava, yams and breadfruits are harder to access must be sourced. The users of the Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbook should be directed on where to locate these rare Jamaican spices and ingredients, the correct portions to purchase and methods of storing.

Get Jamaica.Com has gone a further mile by indicating online stores that the rare and hard to get ingredients are sold in with a complete online store that runs on the website. Along with a search option our Jamaican food store directs you to the site and guides you through the order. Most hard back Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbooks cannot offer this feature. We endorse any online store that we use in our Jamaican Food Store because we have used it ourselves and their service and confidentiality in transactions are reputable.

So let’s review:

ü        Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbooks must carry only authentic Jamaican recipes.

ü        Every Jamaican recipe Jamaican cookbook must be delivered in a method easy to understand, with some level of personality and the use of stable and easily accessible ingredients.

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