Jamaican food reviewed, fruits, vegetables and meats.
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Jamaican Articles - The Jamaican Food Basket

Jamaican food is reviewed in this article

When preparing Jamaican recipes there are definitely a few essentials that you need to have in your kitchen. Some Jamaican meats, fruits and vegetables are used more than others and are much more flexible in their use in Jamaican food recipes. The truth of the matter is some Jamaican food is just loved by more Jamaicans and so there are more authentic Jamaican recipes that use these foods. This article examines some of these Jamaican food and why you should fill your Jamaican food basket with them.

Jamaican Mutton/Goat Meat

Jamaican goat meat or mutton is used for that special national favorite Jamaican curried goat recipe, the meat should be bought fresh from meat shops and supermarkets as well as retail market butcher stalls. This should be immediately refrigerated and can actually be seasoned once the meat is not frozen. When buying Jamaican mutton you should ask the butcher to cut the Jamaican meat into small squares and when freezing use mild Jamaican seasonings to season.

Jamaican Pumpkin

Golden-fleshed Jamaican pumpkin is mainly used for the Jamaican soup recipes, Jamaican fritters or Jamaican pie recipes. Jamaican pumpkins are usually found in abundance and should be bought once there are no sores or abrasions on the outer skin of the pumpkin. An over-ripe Jamaican pumpkin does not eat well as well as a green Jamaican pumpkin. Try to buy a pumpkin sliced to see the inside to know whether the Jamaican pumpkin is spoilt or not.

Jamaican Breadfruit

Jamaican breadfruit is a Jamaican food favorite and is beginning to appear in bigger quantities in retail markets over the island all the time. Jamaican breadfruits are now sold in different variations, you can get the roasting Jamaican breadfruit or the Jamaican breadfruit that is usually boiled in some Jamaican soup recipes. In fact in some Jamaican markets now you can purchase the roasted Jamaican breadfruit itself. This is a must for your Jamaican food basket and is commonplace in the Jamaican ackee and salt fish recipe.

Jamaican String Beans

Jamaican string beans are used mainly for combining with Jamaican carrots for that special Jamaican vegetable treat. They can be used in a wide variety of Jamaican recipes and have now become a popular choice by Jamaican cooks and chefs and can be easily found in retail markets and vegetable shops.

Jamaican Pineapple and Jamaican Mango

These two Jamaican fruits are extremely popular. When ripened they can be peeled and eaten raw. The skin of the Jamaican pineapple can be boiled with Jamaican ginger and used to make a delicious drink as well as the Jamaican mango regardless of the variation can be peeled and eaten raw and blended to make a delicious and refreshing Jamaican Mango drink. You can also combine Jamaican spring water, Jamaican pineapple juice Jamaican mango juice and a small amount of  Jamaican cane juice as a sugar substitute to make a great Jamaican fruit drink recipe.

Jamaican Oranges or Jamaican Ortanique

Good stocks of these popular Jamaican citrus fruits are a must to have in the kitchen. Jamaican citrus is a good source of both fiber and vitamin, such vitamin C. Try not to juice the orange that much as though you will get the vitamins you will not get the needed fiber in the Jamaican citrus fruits themselves. This is a key ingredient in Jamaican drink recipes.

Jamaican Escallion

Good supplies of this popular Jamaican seasoning, escallion or what is commonly know as green onions is an essential for Jamaican recipes. When buying Jamaican Escallion be sure that the leafy parts are not wilted but are fresh. It is the most potent part of the Jamaican seasoning and has the distinct escallion flavor that the bulb at the end of the Jamaican stalk does not carry in such abundance. The Jamaican escallion can be found in most retail markets and vegetable shops over the island.

Jamaican Butter Beans

A tasty pulse which you can add to any of your Jamaican meat stew recipes. Undoubtedly this is a favorite in the Jamaican oxtail recipe, this is a sweet blend of Jamaican oxtail, Jamaican butter beans stewed with Jamaican seasonings. This is a trademark Jamaican recipe and Jamaican butter beans can be found in a number of supermarkets and groceries.

Jamaican spring water, salt, Jamaican cane sugar, modified Jamaican food starch and monosodium glutamate or MSG make up the Jamaican food produce.

Jamaican Pickapeppa Sauce

This is an exotic Jamaican sauce that is bound to improve the flavor of any of your Jamaican meat or Jamaican fish recipes. The sauce can be bought or can be made as a combination of Jamaican tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, mangoes, raisins, tamarinds, salt, pepper and other Jamaican spices.

Jamaican Solomon Gundy

This is a scrumptious spread-for-bread or biscuits Jamaican Solomon Gundy can be bought in the bottle. Jamaican Solomon Gundy is made up of Jamaican minced red herring, Jamaican Soya bean oil, cane vinegar, escallion, Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, spices, onions and other Jamaican preservatives.

Jamaican Bananas and Jamaican Sweet Potato

The Jamaican banana is one of the most loved Jamaican food. It is used in over 500 known and authentic Jamaican recipes, either a s the side dish or the main ingredient in any major Jamaican recipe. Jamaican Banana Recipe the Special Edition elaborates more of these recipes. The tuber favorite Jamaican sweet potato is multi-purpose and can be served boiled as Jamaican food, served in Jamaican soup recipes or baked and served as baked Jamaican sweet potato or Jamaican sweet potato pie. This staple Jamaican food is as good as ever.

Jamaican Dasheen

Tuber favorite Jamaican dasheen is as multi-purpose as the Jamaican sweet potato and can be served boiled as Jamaican food, served in Jamaican soup recipes or baked and served as baked. It can be used when making the popular Jamaican recipe Blue Drawers. This staple Jamaican food is as good as ever.

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