Jamaican seafood recipes with crab meat.
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Tips on preparing Jamaican crab recipes

Jamaican recipes are great with seafood such as crab

Jamaican seafood and crab recipes in particular are some of the most loved Jamaican recipes both locally and across the world. To prepare these Jamaican recipes, great care must be taken up to the point of serving these Jamaican recipes to your guests and Island Oven knows that these Jamaican crab recipes will wow you, your family and your friends.

These tips compiled by Get Jamaica will allow you to get these Jamaican recipes correct the first time around.

 1.       Jamaican crabs are best eaten in the months that do not contain the letter 'r' because, it is claimed, they eat the flowers from coffee plants rendering them slightly poisonous. It is also advised not to catch female Jamaican crabs with eggs. (The eggs of course mean Jamaican crabs for the future). The male Jamaican crab is touted as making the best Jamaican crab recipe. The Black or Blue Jamaican crab and the White or Yellow Jamaican crab are the edible ones used to prepare Jamaican crab recipes.

 3.       Jamaican crabs are easily caught after the rains or during full moon. Jamaican crab hunting can be fun as a family outing. Night time is always the best time to catch Jamaican crab although they can be found during early mornings.

 4.       Some people like to purge their Jamaican crabs by placing in a cage and feeding with corn and bread. This is not necessary if Jamaican crabs are purchased in rural areas. This means that the Jamaican crabs do not dine on un-natural food. Some people do not eat Jamaican crab recipes unless the crabs are purchased from a Jamaican crab farm.

 5.       Once caught, the Jamaican crab is best rendered immobile by tying its legs and pinchers together with string, mangrove twine or coconut leaf. Hold the Jamaican crab firmly by its back legs. Wrap its claws and legs together working from the inside leg outwards. When six or eight Jamaican crabs are firmly secured, tie them together leaving a loop at the top for easy transportation - this works like a carrier.

 6.       If possible it is best to kill the Jamaican crab by removing its back while it is still alive. If it is not convenient, scald the Jamaican crab in hot water, then remove the back. Remove the back of the Jamaican crab and the piece underneath the body. The back of the Jamaican crab can be scrubbed and boiled to make Jamaican crab back recipes.

 7.       With a toothbrush or small scrubbing brush, clean the entire Jamaican crab carefully. Wash Jamaican crab in clean water before preparing Jamaican crab recipes.

 8.       Place Jamaican crab in a bowl and cover with lime and water for one hour before you begin preparing the Jamaican crab recipes.

 9.       Season Jamaican crab with lime and condiments as you would fish or shellfish. This ensures that the Jamaican crab recipes are jam packed with flavor.

 10.   Once cooked Jamaican crab recipes should be served immediately. Leftovers should be frozen or placed in refrigerator for use the following day. Jamaican crab recipes are not popular Jamaican leftover recipes.

 11.   Jamaican crab recipes can be curried with coconut milk, stewed with Jamaican garlic, made into a delicious soup with Jamaican callaloo, picked and made into Jamaican crab backs. In fact both sea and land Jamaican crab can be used in the same way as any other shellfish.

 12.   Jamaican crab recipes are a great family treat - place newspapers on dining table. Pot of Jamaican crab in the centre. Bibs for everyone. Nut or lobster crackers, heavy spoons if those are not available. Plates for each person with a bowl for shells. Serve Jamaican crab recipes, suck, crack and enjoy. When finished empty all shells onto newspaper, roll, lift and place in garbage.

When getting rid of the residue of Jamaican crab cleaning or of shells after eating, make sure to wrap it all in a thick pile of newspapers and then wrap in two plastic garbage bags before placing outside for collection.

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