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Jamaican Articles - Wedding Day Jamaican Recipe

Get Wedding day recipes from Jamaica

Jamaica has often been described as an island paradise and since 1979 has hosted close to one million weddings for foreigners across the islands 150 resorts. Jamaican recipes and weddings are usually concentrated on the obvious wedding cake. But Jamaican Wedding recipes extend to the whether one decides to have breakfast, lunch or evening wedding. Get Jamaica gives you hints on what menu to prepare for each type of wedding and what really makes a great wedding cake.

Jamaican Breakfast Wedding Recipes.

The decoration for a breakfast wedding should see a table with a white table cloth, and a well decorated brides cake with low bowls of bridal flowers on both sides. Sparkling chinaware and well polished silverware adds to the demure of event. Get Jamaica highly recommends a buffet style breakfast wedding. This makes everyone enjoy what are the traditional Jamaican breakfast recipes along with the option of not consuming too much alcohol. A great Jamaican breakfast wedding menu that Get Jamaica recommends is listed below:

Jamaican Breakfast Wedding Menu:

Jamaican Ackee & Salt fish, Jamaican Callaloo & Salt fish, Jamaican Franks & Beans, Jamaican Peppered Shrimps and Crab Backs, served with Fried or boiled Dumplings, Jamaican boiled potatoes and yams, Coconut Toast, Jamaican Roasted Breadfruit and Jamaican Fried Breadfruit Chips and Banana Fritters. Fruit Salad:  water melon, otaheite apples, banana, mango, paw-paw (grapes and sliced oranges are optional) Drink: Blue Mountain Coffee, Regular Tea bags, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice Sour sop Juice, Sorrell Drink and June Plum Drink. We cannot stress the importance of having the event is buffet style. Jamaican recipes for these events are very tricky. It must be noted that when preparing meals for groups over ten people Jamaican herbs and spices that are peppery should be served as optional sauces and not spread over the recipe meals. You can find more suggested Jamaican breakfast wedding recipe menus in Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

Jamaican Luncheon & Dinner Wedding Menu:

Depending on the color scheme of the wedding an attractive setting with great looking China and silver ware will do for both a Jamaican luncheon and dinner wedding menu. Jamaican luncheon wedding recipes are usually what are called five star menus. This comprises of the five top Jamaican recipes for lunches. Beef, Chicken, Filet Fish, and Mutton & Pork are the major lunch dishes served in Jamaica. Other declasses such as other poultry such as duck, lobster, turtle and lamb which in Jamaica are considered luxury meals. However how you prepare these meals are the key to a successful event. Primarily both these events use a lot of wines and spirits and so meals should not be oily but cooked dry to complement the beverages being served. The major difference between the Jamaican breakfast and luncheon/dinner wedding recipes is that the latter serves Jamaican appetizers and Jamaican desserts. Both of which though optional can give the wedding reception that added spark to make it a major success.

Jamaican Luncheon/Dinner Wedding Menu:

Starter Meals: Fish Tea, Pumpkin Soup, Mannish Water, Finger Sandwiches. Main Course Meals: Brown stewed fish, baked chicken, curried mutton, stewed beef and roasted pork served with rice and peas, mashed potatoes, fried bammies, steamed vegetables and soft yams. Desserts: Otaheite apple pie, plantain tarts, pawpaw sherbet, sour sop ice cream and coconut drops.

The Jamaican Wedding Cake

The most important aspect of the wedding event is the design and decoration of the wedding cake. Jamaican wedding cake recipes documented by Get Jamaica encompass the most important aspect of Jamaican recipes, original taste, authentic home grown spices and Jamaican presentation. We have over thirty Jamaican wedding cake recipes in our Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III. Contrary to belief Wedding Cakes do not have to be grand gigantic cakes they can be simple two layer cakes that once original in taste can leave your guests craving for more to take home with them.

So lets review:

        Jamaican wedding menu recipes are best served in a buffet type setting.

        Jamaican breakfast, luncheon & dinner wedding recipes must be served with at least four choices.

        Get Jamaica has over thirty authentic wedding recipes.

        Jamaican wedding cakes do not have to be three to five layers; they can be smaller two layer cakes as long as they keep the authentic Jamaican taste.

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