A review of the best beach of Jamaica
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Beach of Jamaica

If you finally gotten a chance to take your dream Caribbean vacation, you should take all the necessary steps to ensure that this holiday is a success. Jamaica offers a number of attractions, activities and accommodations to make your vacation a special experience with your family or loved ones. When you are reviewing the different packages to choose the best beach in Jamaica destinations, you have to think about the things which you really want to enjoy and incorporate this to have a fulfilling holiday.

Jamaica offer some of the best white sand beaches that you will find in the Caribbean islands. These spots feature the old fashioned delights associated with spotless white sand and alluring blue waters, with rough and rocky waves. Whether you are looking for secluded or crowded beach areas, you will find this Jamaica. A number of travelers who spend their holidays on the beach in Negril, love to enjoy the vibrant social scenes on the seven mile stretch daily, which provide them with live reggae shows.

Another good spot in Jamaica is the famous Doctor's Cave Beach in the resort town of Montego Bay. This is actually regarded as the traditional Caribbean beach destination and boasts roughly five miles of fine white sand which borders the crystal cool waters. This spot is also likely to be more crowded, but prepare to have non-stop fun. Then, there is also the Cornwall Beach which is almost next door to the Doctors Cave and also famous for having one of the best white sand beaches in of Montego Bay.

If you want to experience one of the rough beaches in Jamaica, the resort town of Negril will offer several wild and untouched spots by the sea. You will find rocky cliffs, breathtaking sunsets and plenty solitude, if you love the natural beauty of Jamaica. An additional rough Jamaican beach is the Crane Beach in Black River, well known for providing travelers with natural surroundings.

In case you are traveling with your family, particularly with younger children, you can find a number of beaches on the island with safe areas. These spots are best-known for gentle waters which lack the stronger currents and undertows, which some of the other spots are famous for and would be less secure for the children who want to swim. A few of the preferred spots include the Aqua Sol Beach in Montego Bay, Blue Lagoon and the San San Beach Beaches in Port Antonio or the Dunn's River Beach in Ocho Rios.

For the family who loves to surf, the Boston Beach in Portland is the ideal spot in Jamaica. There is also the Long Bay in this location which offers consistent waves for surfers in Jamaica. However, if you want to make the surfing a wild adventure, the Treasure Beach is the place you want to be, but be careful as the undercurrents could become strong.

However, for the individuals who want to combine their beach experience with the delights of sand, sun and surf along with a lively social or party landscape, they should visit the Frenchman's Cove beach in Port Antonio or the famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

The island of Jamaica offers over two hundred miles of beach with areas to suit everyone's style, from the tranquil and natural setting to the spotless white sands, all inclusive resorts, exhilarating water sports activities and pulsating reggae music. But, some planning is required if you want to choose the best beach in Jamaica, sample some of the jerk pork and enjoy delicious tropical drink on this vacation.

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