Arabica beans are the source of organic Blue Mountain coffee
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Organic Blue Mountain Coffee

The Jamaican organic Blue Mountain Coffee cultivation is extremely popular and this is noticeable from the number of individuals who love to drink this worldwide. In fact, just the mention of coffee and people will assume you are talking about the Blue Mountain beans. For those who did not know this, the best tasting beans in the world today is actually cultivated on the famous Blue Mountains in Jamaica. This area is given its name because of the bluish mist which veils its summits and ridges. This Mountain with a peak above 7,402 feet is the coldest place on the island. The Blue Mountains borders the parish of Portland, St Andrew and St Thomas and is believed to be the highest mountain found within the Caribbean.

At the time when Christopher Columbus discovered this territory it was an intense forests populated with the mountains. However, after awhile the area was gradually cleaned by the early settlers who wanted to rear cattle. The lower mountains were converted to grasslands, while several areas were utilized for harvesting vegetables and spices. This is the same area which also became the safe place for the world renowned and celebrated Blue Mountain coffee beans.

Early days of the Jamaica Blue Mountain cultivation
Sir Nicholas Lawes, who was one of the Governors in Jamaica, first introduced the seedlings for the coffee which he brought from Hispaniola to Jamaica in the year 1728. The Blue Mountains was considered the ideal spot for the coffee cultivation, because of the rich soil, cold and the warm climate with the occasional heavy rainfall.

Then, during the nineteenth century the Blue Mountain coffee beans start to get some interest from the rest of the world and the island of Jamaica was declared the top producer for coffee. Due to this popularity, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board was founded with the purpose of monitoring the cultivation of coffee and also to foster the Blue mountain coffee business. Nowadays, the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee comes with a certification mark which is protected globally and the Coffee Industry Board still maintains management of the usage of the coffee brand.

Typically, the Board has particular critical elements in order to stipulate what coffee might be permitted to have the Blue Mountain trademark. There was a regulations act in the Coffee Industry which was publicized for this particular function. In Jamaica, this asserts which of the coffee beans harvested and plucked from the parishes of St Thomas, St Mary, St Andrew and Portland will get the benefit of making use of the brand.

Furthermore, the elevations of the mountain are also taken into consideration when making this decision. The coffee which is harvested from an elevation of 3,000 to 5,500 feet is generally regarded as the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. While those within the spectrum of 1,500 to 3,000 tend to be recognized as the Jamaica High Mountains coffee and the types beneath the described elevations will be called the Jamaica Supreme or Low Mountain.

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