What you need to know about Jamaican dishes.
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Jamaican dishes, recipes and food.

Jamaica’s dishes are made up by the culture and history that is present there.

Over the years Jamaican people have used their creative mind to not only learn new recipes but also adopt a variety of ideas from other cultures and make it their own.

As a result, the Jamaican food is always stimulating and exhilarating to eat.

The spices that are available in Jamaica, is sought after due to its outstanding taste and unique style that it bring to the food.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner get these seasoning all the time. Listed is some of the popular seasonings that are used by the Jamaican people:
• Garlic
• Escallion
• Pimento
• Scotch Bonnet Pepper
• Onion
• Thyme
• Ginger
• Vinegar
• Bayleaf, and many more

The above spices are grown in Jamaica and are a part of many recipes. They all put their own distinct flavor to every meal.
Jamaican food has special and defined dishes that can only be experienced in the country.

The traditional dishes of Jamaica are served having different tastes and styles. Some of these dishes have turned into feature dishes that Jamaica is known for internationally.

Some of these traditional dishes are:
• Jerk Chicken or Pork
• Curried Goat (Curried Mutton)
• Oxtail
• Roast Fish
• Ackee and Saltfish (National Dish)
• Curried Chicken
• Run Dung
• Red Bean Soup

Lastly some of the desserts that are enjoyed in Jamaica are:
• Tamarind Ball
• Coconut Drops
• Gizzada
• Sweet Potato Pudding
• Almond Drops
• Soursop Icecream
• Blue Draws

Other countries in the Caribbean also have the uniqueness that there island has to offer not only in the looks but the taste that in embedded in the food. Jamaican people try to eat healthy also so although it was not mention vegetables are included in the meals like lettuce and carrots and tomatoes and many more.

As a result most people who visit the island, does not do so only for the long, warm and clean beaches, the green, luscious hills but also to be exposed to the food and wide variety of tastes we have to offer your taste buds. Jamaica’s culture promises to leave a lasting impression on all who visits the country and is exposed to it. For that reason Jamaica is acknowledged in that regard all over the world.

The Jamaican people have truly excelled in regards to music, tradition, art, festival and not mention food. Jamaican people are truly proud of this accomplishment and wish to continuously share it with the world.

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