Learn about Jamaican facts, such as Arawaks and Spaniards.
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Jamaican facts and history

There are a lot of things that people should know about Jamaica that are very interesting and will satisfy person who seek fascinating facts about Jamaica. The first inhabitants of Jamaica were the Arawaks, also known as Tainos. It is believed that they came to the island from South America at about 650 AD and were a peaceful set of people. Jamaica was derived from the Taino word, Xaymaca. Xaymaca also means land of wood and water and that is why when some hear about Jamaica the meaning is mentioned.

The Tainos were the ones who welcomed Christopher Columbus when he visited in 1494. From then the history of Jamaica was filled with a wide variety of events and characters which includes pirates, slavery, rum, devastating earthquakes and hurricanes, etc.

Some other interesting facts include Sir Henry Morgan, who was a pirate who became a Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica and also the Maroon who were escaped slaves who armed themselves and settled in the mountains where they fought the British.

It is said by many that Jamaica against the attractive valleys and mountains is filled with a variety of traditions, religions, cultures and races and from that the motto ‘Out of many, One people’ was formed. From this we see that every racial or ethnic group that came to the island not only carried their own cultures and customs but have also integrated it in the country making all of them one.

Due to all of that, Jamaica has a rich and exceptional culture and makes the Jamaican people stand out.
Now please read below as I list some more of the stimulating realities about Jamaica.

1. Christopher Columbus named Jamaica, St. Iago, upon his coming as he said it was the fairest island he had ever seen. 500 years of European living and control by the European followed (initially by the Spanish) his appearance.

2. The British gained control of Jamaica in 1655.

3. In the 18th century Jamaica was referred to as the jewel of the British crown due to the fact that Jamaica was producing 22% of the world’s sugar. This was made possible by the African slaves.

4. Jamaica had more revolts during its entire history than the neighboring islands in the Caribbean. This was mainly due to the harsh and domineering slavery system that was used.

Two important changes came to Jamaica in the 20th century and they are the universal adult suffrage and independence from Britain which occurred 1944 and 1962 respectfully. To close however I must say that the most impressive fact about Jamaica is that the people who suffered showed great resilience and will never be forgotten.

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