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Jamaican Funeral Homes - Arrangements

If you are currently grieving because of the passing of a loved one, then it is possible that you are further compounded with the ordeal of making the arrangements for the service with one of the Jamaica funeral homes. This can be very expensive for most people in Jamaica these days, especially when they are not saving for unexpected events such as this. Despite the fact that you will find a number of funeral homes in St Catherine such as Braithwaite Funeral Home Limited in Portmore or Bryan & Sons or Morgan's Funeral Home in Spanish Town, the packages can be pricey.

This means that even though everyone would be grieving, it would be best to come together and decide on a budget which is agreeable on the pockets. You have to think anywhere between the price range of $100,000 to $800,000, as these are some of the prices that you will find these days. As soon as the overall spending budget is agreed on, then you can proceed with the arrangements.

Now, itís the time to select the funeral home from the many that you will find in St Catherine. It is possible that you might have a favorite one in mind, but if not it would be best to compare the price for the different packages before making the selection. The professionals at the funeral homes will be capable of assisting you with all the planning.

They will also make recommendations on the services and items, as well as assist you with the details to put in the announcement for the Jamaica Gleaner or perhaps on the radio or television stations. It is a fact, that most people look forward to hearing their funeral announcements on RJR in the mornings, but if the cost is out of your reach, you could settle for just the newspaper bulletin.

Some of the Jamaica funeral homes will even give you good advice on the type of casket and one that would be ideal for your budget. But, this will not mean that you should leave this decision up to them as it would be important for you to settle for the one that you like. It is common to find people using a parlor in Kingston even when they are living in St Catherine, as the price for the package might be more

IIn addition to the details that the funeral director might request to make the arrangements, you will be required to handle some of the details on your own. This includes finding the church, if you are not a member of one, as well as deciding on the cemetery, if you don't have a family burial plot. Most persons who leave the rural communities and relocate to the city of Kingston or St Catherine will not have a choice but to pay for a spot in the cemetery. So, this should be taken into consideration as well, as this will further add to the cost.

Last but not least, there is also the preparation to be made for the gathering after the funeral. This is not something that the funeral homes would handle, as the families usually come together and prepare a big feast to feed everyone, especially those traveling from out of town. As a result, some money has to be included in the budget to purchase the products for the curry goat, goat belly soup (manish water), rice and peas, refreshments and more

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