Funeral homes in Jamaica
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Funeral homes in Jamaica

As soon as someone in the family dies the first course of action is call family members at locally and overseas. The funeral homes in Jamaica play an important role at this time, because they know how hard
it is for the loved ones who are grieving. With the number of deaths that is Jamaica has daily, it is no wonder that almost every mile you go you will find a funeral director. If you are looking for a
reputable one in the parish of Trelawny, Delapenah's and Reynolds Funeral Home can help with your arrangements.

This is usually a challenging time for families, so it will be important to get a funeral director who will not only give you a good package, but good understanding and compassionate towards your feelings.
It is a possibility that all the facilities that you will find in Jamaica will provide satisfactory service, as this is a big business on the island.

Throughout the first meeting with the funeral director, they will give you a list of things that they will need to make the arrangements. But, the first thing that you have to decide on is the type of
casket. You will find a wide range of choices to choose from, there is the bare wooden casket with no trimmings to the most luxurious design which are often quite expensive.

The type of casket would also help to ascertain the overall cost for the funeral package since they will have their own unique features. After that there is the matter of the hearse and this also is another
highlight of the funerals in Jamaica. In case you are not aware of this, the people in Jamaica look at funerals as a time of grief and also as way to show off. It is common to hear people talking after a
funeral and the most important thing that they will remember is the type of hearse and casket used.

For this reason, some of the funeral homes in Jamaica will provide from the traditional type motor vehicle to comfortable rides such as the Escalades. So, you will have more than enough to choose from when
you meet with the director at the Delapenah's Funeral Home in the town of Falmouth.

After you make the decision for the casket, the next step is to focus on the other things that would be included in the package such as the number of programs you want to be printed, the announcements to put
in the local newspaper or on the radio station, the flowers and so on. If you are on a strict budget, you might have to decide on putting in the death announcement in either the Western Mirror or the Jamaica
Gleaner newspapers.

However, after all those details are taken care of at the funeral parlors, there are other things that the family has to deal with on their own. There is the matter of digging the grave, designing the
headstone, purchasing the clothing for the deceased. But, ensure that you put aside enough money to prepare the feast of curry chicken, soup, curry goat, rice and peas, fish, bread, coffee and more.

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