Learn how to address an envelope to Jamaican recipients properly.
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How Do I Address An Envelope To Jamaica:

Step One: Include the Return Address

To address an envelope to Jamaica you first and foremost add your return address visibly in the top or upper left hand corner of the envelope it self.

Step Two: State the Recipient Name in the First Line

On the first line of the outgoing address must be the persons name or the company’s name in Jamaica who is the recipient of the documents that are in letter. The sender's name and/or the company's name on the first line of the address.

Step Three: Include direct Location Address:

This means that you should include the Jamaican street number and name of the street. This line also occurs if the person has a post office box or P.O. Box number. Even if the person has a P.O. Box number and you have the direct address its wise to include both.

Step Four: Print the Parish Name

This is very important. The only parish in Jamaica that has zones is Kingston. These zones are between Kingston – Downtown area, to Kingston 2 – Kingston 20. There is no region know as Kingston 1. If you are mailing to any other parish you must have a district post office. This is as the general delivery post office in each district will hold all mail for collection by the recipient.

Step Five: Include Country Jamaica and Region West Indies.

You must make every attempt to include both. We have been told that there are several locations globally and especially in the USA that are also called Jamaica. This means that you must take great care in ensuring that both Jamaica and West Indies are included on the letter.

Step Six: Add your postage stamp

Once you have the correct postage stamp for international mail, then you won’t have any issues. Stick that in the upper right hand corner of your envelope and you are done.

Here are a few visual examples:

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