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Jamaica Independence

Jamaica did not become an independent island without a lot fight and some of the individuals who played an important role in the Independence history of Jamaica will be mentioned in this article.

Nanny of the Maroons was one of the very first freedom fighter and she was referred to as a military leader who guided the people in opposition of the colonizers at the time of the Maroon Battle in 1720- 1739.

Sam Sharpe was another of the instrumental fighters prior to the abolishment of slavery and led a strike which brought on the rebellion in 1831. This particular rebellion was crucial in producing the full abolition of slavery some seven years later.

Immediately after the abolition of slavery in August 1, 1838, there was a celebration all over the country and some free villages was established. The first one was founded in St Catherine and then the other was in Browns Town in St Annís.

Later in the year 1865, Paul Bogle who was a Baptist Deacon also led another rebellion and this was called the "Morant Bay Rebellion". This was one of the biggest uprisings in St Thomas Jamaica, as people demonstrated in opposition to the struggles of injustice and poverty. During this time a number of white people ended up dead, over 1000 buildings destroyed, about 430 Jamaicans was shot and thousands more were beaten.

In the middle of 1800's, George William Gordon was a leader of another movement in protest of the political rights of the slaves who was now free. This was partly because his mother had been a slave, but his father used to be one of the plantation owners.

In 1929, most countries were facing an economic crisis and Jamaica was no different, so it was not surprising that the riots in 1938 were a turning point of this island. There were changes such as the introduction of a labor union, which was the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) which was organized by Alexander Bustamante. In addition, Norman Manley who was the cousin of Alexander Bustamante also established the People's National Party in 1938. Following this, Norman Manley was the first to lead Jamaica towards self government, but years later Alexander Bustamante become the very first prime minister of the island.

The very first election in Jamaica was held according to the Universal Adult Suffrage and this was in1944. At this time, the Jamaica Labor Party was established and they won this election. In 1959 when the Federation of the West Indies held a meeting, Jamaica elected to become an independent nation.

As a result, the history showed the very important time in Jamaica and this was the raising of the Jamaican flag on the 6th of August 1962. All of those events play a very important role towards the Independence history of Jamaica and they were now free to form their own government and seek advancement for the economy.

The island of Jamaica is now a wonderful place where number travelers spend vacations each year and they too are captivated by its culture, food and people.

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