Understanding Jamaican patois.
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Jamaican patois language

Just like visiting other territories outside of your country that may speak a different language from you people are concerned about the language barrier that exists. They may wonder if they will be able to understand and speak with the people at the destination they want to vacate at and if they will be able to enjoy it to the max without worrying about the stress of being misunderstood.

If Jamaica is your destination and you speak English there is no problem at all for you as English is the mother tongue of Jamaica. Although Jamaicans speak Patois they will never speak to a tourist in that language unless asked to or if they want to teach the guest some lessons about the language.

Now to get into the Jamaican language, majority of the vocabulary is from the African and English language. As mentioned earlier the Jamaican mother tongue is English but the culture had its twist and created patios which is fun to learn. It can however be very hard for guests to understand. It can be deciphered if you get it in a written format but you would have to have prior knowledge of the language and keen ears if listening to the locals converse with each other.

You must keep in mind that Jamaican are educated in the English language from basic school and use it throughout their school and business life. Although they choose not to speak it a lot they understand it very well and is able to speak it just as fluent as any other English speaking country.

The Jamaican dialect can be heard in music mostly that goes out internationally, like reggae. The popular artiste Bob Marley is famous for the songs he made. The language is so much a part of the culture that when telling old time stories or poems they are communicated in patois.

So in short, you need not worry if you speak English and is coming to Jamaica at all as you will be able to communicate with any individual you may want to converse with. If it is that you speak Spanish no need to worry either. A good amount of persons in the tourist industry understands the basics of Spanish but knowing English is always good. Never let the Jamaican language or words intimidate you from coming to the country as there is a lot to learn and enjoy.

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