Reviewing how important Reggae music is to the Jamaican culture.
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Reggae Music and Jamaica

A brief review of Reggae music, what it means to the Jamaican people and how it now defines Jamaican culture.

If there was ever a time you are tired of listening to genre of hip hop or pop I can recommend a new genre for you to turn to entice your ears with beautiful and unique music. The genre I am looking forward to introduce you to, is no other than Reggae. Reggae music is the type anyone can grow to love. These songs have a rhythm that will have your whole body moving and the song is full of meaningful words. So if you are bored of what you have been listening to and want to try something new, I recommend you put reggae music at the top of your list. I am an open minded individual so when it comes to music I listen to all type of genre. That way also I am never bored but I must say reggae is my favorite of them all. Some of the other genres I would love to share along with the reggae music are dancehall, rock steady and ska. However, as mentioned before, reggae is the top genre and is definitely the most popular. Bob Marley was the man responsible for Jamaican reggae music to top the charts and gain recognition in the 1970s.
He alone did not give a helping hand in this. There were reggae artistes such as Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and a few more. Reggae songs at times have just two chords for the total song but still were just simply stunning to listen to and to make it even more interesting it was erratic and natural.
The artistes have the ability to fill their music with a lot of meaning that reaches out to our emotions. For this, reggae music has reached to the top and is loved by many persons all over the globe. As time pass however, Jamaican artistes of the younger generation have fused reggae with other generations to come up with new content and genre. This has made the admiration of reggae music not diminished but handed down to the new generation. From this we see where songs are not only written about love but also for other reasons such as calling out for peace or political reasons and many more. Once again if you are searching for a new type of music to enjoy, I recommend the reggae music as the top genre to listen and love. You will never be bored and will also enjoy the deep meaning that is integrated in the songs. .

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