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About Digicel Jamaica

In April 2001, when Digicel Jamaica launched their GSM mobile service in Jamaica, the company anticipated reaching the 100,000 Jamaican customer plateau by the end of its first year in operation. Instead, they hit the 100,000 Jamaican customer mark a mere 100 days after launch. Never before in the history of Jamaican mobile telecommunications had such tremendous growth been seen in a network, as Digicel Jamaica broke record after record on its way to surpassing its major Jamaican competitor as the top Jamaican mobile provider with the largest Jamaican customer base in the island.

To give an idea of Digicel Jamaica's pace of growth, it took its major Jamaican competitor approximately 10 years to reach the 400,000 customer mark. In comparison, it took Digicel about 13 months to reach the same figure. Digicel Jamaica's customer base now stands at over 1 million Jamaican customers and the company currently commands approximately 65% of the mobile market share in Jamaica.

It is no secret that competition forces Jamaican businesses to find more creative and innovative ways of appealing to their target groups, so as to keep existing Jamaican customers and attract new ones. From a sales, marketing and technology standpoint, Digicel Jamaica changed the face of local telecommunications by providing the Jamaican mobile consumer with an offering which was far superior to that of the incumbent.

Digicel Jamaica has been a major contributor to national income and to employment creation for hundreds of Jamaicans, both directly and indirectly. From areas such as Jamaican construction, Jamaican retail distribution and of course Jamaican telecommunications, Digicel exposed Jamaicans across the board to one of the most dynamic, fast-paced fields in existence.

Digicel Jamaica also drove mobile rates down. Digicel Jamaica's major competitor has cut its calling rates (by as much as 50% in some instances) in response to Digicel's aggressive thrust in the market. The competition also cut its international rates by 40% in some instances, in an attempt at staving off the inevitability of Digicel Jamaica's growing hold on the market. Regardless of these various measures, most will agree, that with regards to value for money, Digicel Jamaica remains far ahead of the competition.

Digicel Jamaica raised the bar where acceptable levels of network coverage was concerned. Jamaicans living in rural Jamaica finally had a genuine option for mobile communications. With an island wide network of over 500 cellular towers spread across all 14 parishes, Digicel Jamaica has firmly established itself as the Jamaican mobile provider with the premier network coverage across the country.

Digicel Jamaica has also become, not only the leading Jamaican mobile service provider, but the leading Jamaican mobile service innovator as well. By launching a variety of service options never before seen by the mobile customer in Jamaica, Digicel Jamaica has established itself a 'brand for the future'. With services such as Roaming, SMS to e-mail, E-mail to audio and mobile color imaging, already becoming a reality for mobile users, Digicel Jamaica has placed Jamaicans on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

In addition to its unparalleled growth and contribution to the development of local telecommunications, Digicel Jamaica has also impacted on the lives of Jamaicans, through its corporate citizenship and sponsorships. The likes of Jamaican Mustard Seed (a refuge for children with HIV), Special Olympics Jamaica, Jamaica Cancer Society, and the Jamaican Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) are a few of the organizations to have benefited from Digicel Jamaica's commitment to the betterment of Jamaican life.

Digicel Jamaica has become known as much for their vibrancy and innovativeness as for their commitment to the development of the Jamaican nation. They have been involved in promotions such as Jamaica Carnival, Jamaican Reggae Sumfest, Brooklyn Tabernacle in Concert, the Jamaican Denbigh Agricultural Show, Air Jamaica Jazz Festival and Caribbean Fashion Week. In sports Digicel Jamaica sponsors the Jamaican National Football Team (The Reggae Boyz), Golf, Motor Racing and Track & Field. Team Digicel Jamaica has become a mainstay in the lives of thousands of Jamaicans.

Embarking on the next phase of its remarkable journey, Digicel Jamaica has set up operations in six other Caribbean countries namely, St. Lucia, Grenada, Aruba, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Cayman and will continue expansions in other Caribbean countries.

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