Jamaican Christmas Recipes
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Jamaican Christmas Recipes


Popular Jamaica Christmas Recipes

Budgeting for a Jamaican Christmas dinner is tricky business. Of course if you have a huge budget then you can pretty much purchase what you or what your guests would like and still have a wide variety of Jamaican food recipes to wow your guests with. In this article we explore the different Jamaican recipes that can be prepared by the budget watchers this Christmas. These authentic Jamaican recipes will allow you to keep your spending low but still provide that exotic taste.

For great Jamaican hor d'oeuvre recipes during the Yule tide season try and stay away from Jamaican recipes with meat. Not only are these too heavy when you expect  a heavy meal.

Jamaican Roaster – Boil diced Jamaican Otaheite apple in little water & sugar or Jamaican honey until reduced. Season Jamaican roaster with Jamaican pepper, Jamaican chicken seasoning and add a little rum to cavity. Stuffing: Soak crackers in Jamaican milk. Remove liquid. Simmer chopped giblets with Jamaican onion, Jamaican escallion, Jamaican garlic & Jamaican seasoning in butter. Raisins and nuts optional. Add soaked crackers and a tablespoon of Jamaican Otaheite apple mixture with 1 teaspoon Jamaican Red Label Wine. Add salt & chopped Jamaican scotch bonnet to taste. Stuff roaster. Rub with pureed Jamaican Otaheite mixture, pat butter on top. Bake.

Jamaican Salt fish pie – Prepare Jamaican salt fish. Flake. Add ½ to a buttered dish. Layer with Jamaican onion, Jamaican garlic, Jamaican escallion, Jamaican tomato, Jamaican seasonings. Sprinkle cooked pasta on top. Then rest of Jamaican salt fish. Another layer of Jamaican onion. Add a tin of green peas. Sprinkle with a little Jamaican curry. Add seasoned milk & flour mixture 'till covered. Sprinkle with seasoned breadcrumbs. Bake.

Jamaican sweet potatoes – Boil Jamaican sweet potatoes, peel and slice. Toss-in pitted chopped prunes mixed with a little local Jamaican orange marmalade and some butter. Season with Jamaican lemon juice and a sprinkle of chopped Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. Serve hot.

Jamaican Yam casserole – Bake whole Jamaican yam. Halve. Remove flesh & mash with butter, evaporated milk until smooth. Add grated Jamaican cheddar cheese. Stuff mixture back into shells. Grate Jamaican nutmeg on top. Stick one Jamaican clove on either side of yam. Sprinkle with more cheese, Jamaican paprika & Jamaican pimento. Grill until cheese is melted.

Jamaican callaloo recipe – Sauté seasoned Jamaican callaloo with Jamaican onions, Jamaican garlic, Jamaican escallion, Jamaican scotch bonnet, Pimento and Jamaican tomatoes (fresh or tinned).

Jamaican Rasta Man Salad – Layer washed Jamaican lettuce in a salad bowl. Sprinkle with shredded Jamaican carrot. Throw in a tin of Jamaican sweet corn. Add diced tomato. Cover in Jamaican onion. dressing of Jamaican lime, Jamaican honey (or sugar), oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper. Chopped nuts & raisins can be added.

Jamaican Pound Cake – Cut pound cake across middle. Spread both pieces with a layer of Jamaican guava jam. Then a layer of Jamaican sorrel jam. On bottom layer, add stewed fresh Jamaican oranges and vanilla ice cream. Top with other half. Sprinkle with warmed Jamaican rum & Jamaican honey (or sugar). Serve with ice cream topping.

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