Jamaican Recipes With Chinese Flavor
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Jamaican Recipes And Chinese Recipes

Chinese and Jamaican Recipes

Jamaican recipes have been heavily influenced by Chinese traditions and Chinese spices. This has contributed to our motto ‘Out of many nations one cuisine’. Jamaica has a relatively high Chinese population who have spiced up there recipes with a few Jamaican herbs and spices not grown in the Far East. This has led to a new and unique taste quickly adopted as authentic Jamaican. Great recipes such as sweet and sour chicken couple with grated Jamaican ginger and then cooked down to perfection is just one example of the diversity of Jamaican cuisine. This article explores the Chinese influence on the Jamaican cuisine.

As we enter the mid-summer season in Jamaica we tend to think of means and ways to beat the heat. We may focus on more quick tasty Jamaican meals for the family at home, but at the same time we wish to spend less time in the kitchen. The Chinese in Jamaica seem to have mastered  and most persons think the secret lies in the method of cooking - stir frying - and the selection of Jamaican ingredients.

Chinese-Jamaican cooks have learnt that by combining Jamaican meat poultry and fish with vegetables and stir frying them in oil they end up with delicious economical one dish Jamaican meal in no time.

In fact after preparing the Jamaican vegetables, most of these meals only take half an hour from start to finish. Served with a Jamaican rice recipe and perhaps a Jamaican soup recipe (or salad) they are filling and nutritious.

The only full Chinese ingredient absolutely needed is soy sauce. Jamaicans have also began to develop their own version of Jamaican soy sauce which is combined with authentic Jamaican herbs and spices to give an added flavor to the meal. Another plus is the way these Jamaican dishes can be stretched without any hassle, if unexpected company arrives just add more Jamaican vegetables or some mushrooms bamboo shoots or water chestnut, or add a dish of Jamaican escallion flavored scrambled eggs to the menu.

If you wish, the Jamaican rice recipe can be prepared beforehand or make twice as much as you need for one meal. Place cooked leftover Jamaican rice in a tightly covered container and refrigerate. Scoop the cold Jamaican rice into a heat proof bowl, sprinkle with water, cover and either steam in a steamer or set in a pan with boiling water coming halfway up the bowl for 15 minutes. Or use up leftover cooked Jamaican rice to make Chinese-Jamaican Fried Rice Recipe.

If the Jamaican meat begins to stick to the skillet, add a little more oil. Add the Jamaican cabbage and salt, stir fry over high heat for 2 minutes. Add cooked Jamaican eggs; stir to heat through. Without a doubt there are some meats that are not prepared in Jamaica by the Chinese. Dogs and cats are prepared as a delicacy in China but not in Jamaica, these are known as forbidden meats in Jamaica.

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