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Jamaican Beaches

How to choose a Jamaican beach.

Jamaica has a variety of beaches to choose from to choose you must know what you want and where to find it. Jamaica is the answer. Jamaica has the beaches that feature the traditional joys of pristine white sand and blue, blue waters, but also the rough, craggy type of beaches. The latter Jamaican beaches are great if you don't really like crowds. Some people go to Jamaica for the crowds because they like the active social scene. A great example is Jamaica’s Doctor's Cave Beach , in Montego Bay. This one is known as a classic Jamaican vacation beach. It is about five miles long and covered with a fine white sandy beach that borders clear, cool waters. It is likely to be crowded. Very popular. Another example is Cornwell Beach. Known for lovely, white sand. It is part of Montego Bay.

An example of the rough Jamaican beaches is Negril, where some of the most wild, untouched areas by the sea can be found. Look for craggy cliffs, amazing beauty, and lots of solitude – a favorite of naturalists from around the world. Another rough beach is Jamaica Crane Beach, by Black River, notable for the naturalness of its environment.

If you have a family, especially with young children, there are several beaches in Jamaica. These are known for their gentle waters that lack the strong currents and undertows found in other areas, making swimming safer for children. Some of the best are the Jamaica
Walter Fletcher Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaican San San Beach in Port Antonio, Jamaican Blue Lagoon Beach, which is also in Port Antonio, and Jamaica Dunn’s River Beach, located in Ocho Rios, fairly close to the famous waterfalls. For the Jamaican surfer in the family, consider Boston Beach, where surfing equipment is easy to rent. And, the beaches of Long Bay offer the most consistent waves in Jamaica. For adventure, try Treasure Beach. But, while adventurous to the surfer, the undercurrent can be strong.

And, those in search of beaches that combine the joys of sun, sand and surf with an active social scene or party scene will certainly enjoy Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio. Jamaican Seven Mile Beach in Negril is considered a favorite place. Jamaica is quite possibly your answer. Jamaica is a lovely island with about 200 miles of beaches. There are Jamaican beaches to suit most every taste, from peaceful and natural surroundings to the pristine white sands and full services of the resorts, from beaches perfect for active Jamaican water sports beaches to known for their active social scene. A little planning will help you to choose the best beach in Jamaica for you. Study all the alternatives and make your choice wisely. And, wherever you decide to go have a great Jamaican vacation.

Get Jamaica has links to several sites that offer advice and resources for those interested in Jamaican travel. This Jamaican website contains information you need to plan your Jamaican vacation wisely. Jamaica is possibly the best Caribbean destination for the last decade and will remain to be with its over 300 natural white sand Jamaican beaches.

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